A Vixen’s Predilection

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Luther's POV~

I stare down at the girl, no women; wrapping her creamy white thighs around the pole. I try my best to adjust the uncomfortable hard-on showing through my suit pants. I groan as she turns showing me the best view of her perky tits. Antony comes up behind me handing me a glass I'm hoping to be loaded with liquor.

"Damn, who the fuck is the fresh meat." He says kicking his lips. I roll my eyes and turn grabbing his collar tightly in my hand.

"That," I say pointing without dropping the glass. "Is mine so don't even think about it." He rolls his eyes as I release him. I turn back towards the women who's stage name is vixen. Oh how it suits her. I relax into a chair keeping my eyes on her form. Men yell out at her and I grind my teeth trying not to break the glass sitting tightly in my palm.

With a quick call to Beatrice the house mom she lets me know vixen will be up after her set. Some bitch named krystal was sent up for Antony and I watch with disgust as she tried to make her way towards me.he pulls her back to him by shoved his tough down her throat.

I look away imagining myself doing the same thing with the women walking into the room. I trail my eyes from her strapped heels to the fabric holding those breast I dream about. I let out a groan as she walks towards the bar giving me a perfect view of those round globes of muscle and fat making up her ass. I adjust myself once again and swirl the liquor around in my mouth.

I watch the bartender point toward me and she slowly turns.

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