A Vixen’s Predilection

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bigail's POV

After my set; which was agonizing, Ms.B informed me I was requested in VIP which is why I'm currently and hesitantly making my way up the stairs to the loft area. I avoid looking around as I know the green eyes are watching my every move. I walk to the bar and stop asking Brian the bartender who called for me. He point toward the area I know HE is sitting and speaks.

"Mr. Rinaldi has requested you but be careful, we've had to clean his anger off the floor more then a few times." He whispers. I nod and turn slowly swallowing an audible gulp.

As soon as his eyes lock with mine a suck in a breath. They hold a hunger I've never seen, it seems almost sinister. My body begins to shake as his face stays passive and I hold his beautiful eyes. He leans back slipping lower on the black couch and puts his glass down. His inked arms ripple and my thighs tighten at the man candy before me. I breath deeply and walk sensual towards him. Hoping to use my sex appeal to my advance.

As I approach his face stays passive but his eyes twinkle. As soon as I get a foot away he grabs out with urgency. He brings me into his lap strong inked hands grinning my ass. I straddle his legs and each out grabbing his shoulders to keep my balance. A small unnatural smirk lights his face.

"I've been watching you all night my vixen." My whole body vibrates as he speaks his voice deeper then I though possible. With his legs between mine it's impossible to slam my thighs close with my arousal. I shudder and look towards krystal who is shooting me a nasty look. A large hand comes up gripping my chin and turning me towards green eyes.

"Keep those bellissimi occhi su di me amore." He mumbles looking from my lips back to my eyes. I scrunch my eyes brows and pull out of his grasp uncomfortable. He lets me go taking his large palm off my ass as I slide off of his lap. I look down and fiddle with my hands.(beautiful eyes on me love)

"Look I understands you are my boss sir but I don't like being touched that way it makes me uncomfortable. "I whisper. I look up and he clenches his jaw grabbing his drink and throwing it back. He stands abruptly.

"Luther." He thunders. I look up at him confused and look around half expecting to see someone named Luther coming over but no one is.

"My name is Luther." He says softer and leans down as he is twice my height to look me in the eye.

"I'll walk you out." He says placing a warm hand on my lower back. We walk towards the locker rooms and i turn around looking up at him.

"I have set for the next few hours so I'm not leaving yet." I say trying to catch his attention over the music. He looks at me almost angry and grips my upper arm gently dragging me into the locker room where he can hear me.

"I already talked to your club mom and she excused you for the evening." He thunders. I shake my head hesitantly.

"With all do respect sir-"

"Luther" he interrupts. I sigh.

"Luther.. I need the money from my next few sets." He looks at me and pulls a wad of money out of his back pocket.

"How much." He asks. I look at him a with wide eyes.

"We don't get a set price." I whisper confused. He grabs money out of the stack and yanks my arm forward shoving a large pile into my significantly smaller hand.

"I-" he rolls his eyes.

"Don't try to not take it I'll have it put into your account." I gulp and nod and he watching with peaked Interest As I shove it into the straps of my thong.

"I'm going to go change." I whimper as his eyes darken and I hurry my way to the changing rooms.

I slip into jeans and I black hoodie hoping to hide my body from his prying eyes I take my hair and wrap it into a bun at the stop of my head. I head back towards the main locker rooms and grab my bangs from my locker and make my way towards Luther who is leaning sexily against the door.

He straightens when he sees me and slowly makes his way up my body stopping at my blushing cheeks. His lips twitch almost looking like he would smile but he cough and turns towards the door and mutters in a language I don't understand

"fottute donne sexy" he growls I catch the word sexy and grip my bag tighter. He turns around and gently takes my duffel bag from my shoulder and put it on his own. (Fucking sexy women)

"I'm going to carry you out ok? I need you to hide me from view as I need my identity to be hidden." He rubbles. I look at his in shock and half hysteric. I nod hesitantly and his large arms wrap around me pulling me closer to the chest I dream about.

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