A Vixen’s Predilection

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Luthers POV

I spout some bullshit about hiding my identity and pray the gorgeous women bellow me says yes. To be completely honest I could cate less who the hell sees me. At this moment the nothing I want in the entire world is to hold this women in my arms even if it's only for a little. My mind shoots back to her earlier comment of being uncomfortable and I almost take back what I said. To my surprise her big blue lightning eyes look into mine as she nods.

Joy fills me and I don't hesitate to grab the back of her thighs pulling her petite body and smushing it against my own. She squeals and throws her legs around my hips gripping my body tight. She wraps her short arms around my neck and I feel her hot breaths against my ear. I keep my face passive trying to hide just how happy having her in my arms make me.

I walk out of the locker room shooting glares at the men who dare to look at my women. I tighten my hold on her as we get outside and shove my face into the side of her neck smelling her sweet sent. She doesn't try to pull away and sits calmly in her arms. I place a soft kiss on her neck and walk straight to my car plopping her down in the passenger seat she looks around shocked as I throw her bag into the backseat.

"Why did you bring me to your car." She asks with her sweet velvety voice nervously and starting picking at her fingers.

"I was going to bring you to dinner but you can go if you want." I grit out annoyed at the thought of her leaving me so soon. She looks up at me through her lashes and I grit my teeth glancing at her tempting plump lips.

"Ok." She whispers out. I can't help but to grin and she stares at me in shock and her own smile lights her face. It's becoming my favorite. I pull out of the club shooting a quick text to one of my drivers to pick up her car and bring it to the address I have linked to her personal folder from the strip club. She stares out the window and I admire her cute button nose and the way her prefect lips get sucked into her mouth as she bites one. It's strangle erotic and I become increasingly aroused.

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