A Vixen’s Predilection

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Abigail's POV

I sit awkwardly and stare out the window hoping to keep my eyes from drifting to his. I feel the burn of his gaze on my face and bite my lip holding back the urge to look over. I hear his sharp inhale and a blush lights my face.

We pull up to a fancy looking restaurant I recognize from my drive home. I look down and as I go to object that my attire wasn't appropriate I was shocked to find Luther pulling his suit jacket from his shoulders. I watch entranced as he methodically rolls his sleeves up.

"Here now you can't say you are under dressed." He says pushing the chain around his neck under his button up. I watch In silence as he slips out of the car. I watch his ass my face burning with something I don't recognize. Is a man I just met turning me on?

I climb as carefully as I can out of his bmw and he places his palm on my back. Although the warmth of his touch makes me want to squeal in excitement I can't help but to wonder what exactly he is up to.

We enter the quiet restaurant and anxiety fills my gut immediately clashing with the smooth jazz music playing in the background. Luther requests a table in the back and the waitress who seems to be drooling brings us towards the back of the place. The light seems to dim as we near a quiet corner. The eyes of wives or dates watch Luther's body move through the maze of tables. A sharp emotion punches my gut as one specifically beautiful women scans his body up and down. I turn away and continue walking keeping a steady pace behind him. At the table he slips into one side elf the both while I awkwardly slide into the other side.

Luther watches me his eyes burning into my face. I keep my head bent scanning the menus hoping to find a cheap option. Luther reaches out and points at a dish his strong tattooed hand flexing.

"The pasta con pomodoro E basilico is amazing." He says softly. I look into his Green eyes and smile.

"Thank you I may try it." I whisper turning back down to the food. Suddenly, my phone dings and I thank god as the awkward silence was getting to me. I unlock my phone reading Mercedes message.

Third person~

Luther can't keep his eyes off of his date. At first he thought she would have objected to the dinner but for some strange reason she let him drive her to this restaurant. He scans her face as she reads her phone and catch's a hint of fear. Was he being to forward? He looks down at his menu closing it as he already knows what he will order.

Abigail’s mind wanders as Mercedes tells her she found a hunk of a man who came to the club with Luther. She prays Mercedes is safe and not reckless as normal. Abigail has gone through more abuse then anyone would wish for and Mercedes going through even a fraction of that makes her shake to the bone. She lays her phone on the table forgetting to lock it and quickly returns to her menu.

Luther can’t help his curiosity as his eyes drift towards her phone at the top of the text screen a name hubby burns into his pupils. Anger fills him and he wonders if his game was off. Could he no longer tell the different between a married or single women? Shame also lights his face as he realized a position he may have put Abigail in.

Abigails POV~

I close my menu and look around the restaurant hoping for a waiter to stop by and let us order but it seems like the waiters are avoiding us. Luther breaths deeply across from me and I bravely take a peek. Anger burns on his face as he stares sharply at my phone. Fear fills my body as the look is all to familiar in the nightmares. He clenches the table tightly and I stand suddenly the movement scaring me.

“I need to go.” I say sharply and grab my phone and purse quickly racing out of the restaurant. I breath heavy and gasp for air. What was I thinking?

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