Bueaty and the beast

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New place

Later that day, Charlee took us to a house. "What are we doing here?" Vincent said.

"Ok so abouta year ago, I bought this house for us when I though I was getting close to a cure. But that didn't happen so I paid it off and I have owned it ever since." Charlee said.

"What?!" I said. He nodded.

"Ok there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms." He said. He and Vincent raced up to the master bedroom. I new that Charlee was annoyed.

I flopped on the bed and sighed. "This is way better than a warehouse." I said. Vincent nodded.

"You can stay here with us if you want." Vincent said. I looked at him surprisingly. "Really?! It is not to soon?!" I said.

He laughed. "No it is not. We are meant to be." He said. I giggled. He hoverd over me and kissed me as I giggled.

I looked around the house and it was really nice. I called my sister and told her that I moved and she was fine with it.

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