Bueaty and the beast

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Divina is 24 year old cop and lives her job. She is best friends with her partner and lives in New York. She had a horrible experience as a young adult and has questioned it ever since.

Romance / Drama
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I cleaned all the empty glasses as my friend talked to me.

"How was work today?" I asked not stopping what I was doing. "Good. I just have to get going." She said. I nodded.

"See you later!" I yelled. She smiled and left. I finished cleaning the bar and headed out.

I sat in my car and tried starting it but it didn't budge. I cursed to myself.

I took out my phone and dialed my fathers number.

"Hey sorry I am calling you this late but my car broke down and I need help." I said.

He agreed and I hung up.

I didn't have to wait long until I saw his car pull up into the Alley.

He greeted and he popped the hood.

"So how did this happen?" He asked. I giggled.

"I really don't know." I said. He nodded as he worked in silence.

Once he finished he walked over to me. "Thanks dad." I said. He smiled, he was about to say something then he looked over to the side.

I fallowed his actions and saw two figures walking up to us. Once I could see there faces I didn't recognize them but my dad sure did.

The two men held guns. I gulped at the site.

Before my dad could say anything the two men grabbed there guns and shot my dad. I screamed.

"Run." Was all he said before I could here another fun shot. I did just that. I ran as I could hear them behind me. I eventually came across woods.

I didn't stop there. I ran into them as I could still hear them behind me. I was terrified.

I tripped over something as I stumbled. The two men cought up and pointed there guns at me. Before they could pull the trigger something jumped out of no where.

I tried to look to see what was happening but I was tired. All I could here was the sound of flesh ripping.

Then I saw a pair of gold eyes and then black.

Six years later

"Do you know what happened?" I asked my partner Rose as we walked to the crime scene.

"All we know so far is that she fell off the roof." She said. I nodded.

We examed the body and talked to our boss.

We came pack to the office and started to dig with little time of work we had left.

"Oh, happy 24th birthday by the way." Rose said. I rolled my eyes as I got in my car.

I drove home as I replayed those gold eyes in my head again. I told people that I saw a beast but no one believes me. They said that it was a bear.

I unlocked my apartment door and took off my badge and gun. I set it on the counter and sighed.

I got ready for bed and played down.

I had the same dream.

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