Bueaty and the beast

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It has been a week since that kiss. I go over after work everyday and we talk about his past.

I just finished up on a case and Rose came over.

"Guess what." She said. I smirked. "What?" I said.

"We are going under cover!!" She says.

I smile. "Where to?" I say. Me and Rose love undercover missions.

"A ball." She said. I looked at her and wiggled my eyebrows. She rolled her eyes. "Ok so what is it for?" I say.

"Basically there is this criminal that Joe has been trying to bust for months. And he is going to be there so we get to go undercover to catch him." She said.

I nod. "When is it?" I said.

"Tonight at dark." She said. I nod. "Well we better get ready I said.

She nodded and I left to my apartment.

I stood in the mirror and looked at myself. I had a white dress on that was strapless and showed a lot of cleavage because there was a split in the middle.

It flowed naturally do my feet and had dimands on my top part.

I put on my white heels and curled my long brown hair. I had a white lace mask in my hand ready to put it on when I get there.

"Where are you going?" I heard Vincent say. I turned around and smiled. "A undercover ball." I say. He nods.

"What for." He said. "A crinimal." I answer.

"Mind if I join?" He said. "Vincent. What if you get exposed?" I say.

He rolled his eyes.

"I won't. I will have mask on remember." He said. I layed my head on his chest. "Fine." I said.

He put on a suit and had a black mask. I drove us there. We put on our masks and left the car.

I met up with Rose at the front. "Who is he?" She said. "A friend." I say. She nods as we head in.

"I will go find Evan, you look for him." She said. I nodded and walked around.

Vincent linked arms with me. "So does he have a name?" He says. "I am sure he does but we don't know it. We just have a picture." I said. He nodded.

I continued to look until I spotted him. I head to him but than I remembered that I have Vincent.

"What about you." I say. "Just trust me." He said. I nod.

I .ake my way up to him with Vincent.


I say. I get his attention and he emediatly scanned my body. "Can I help you?" He said.

Before ei could say something Vincent said something. "Me and my wife heard that you are a good man. And we would like to meet you.", He said.

I nodded. He looked at my ring finger but there was no ring. "No ring?" He said. "We left them at home because we don't want to loose them." I said.

He nodded. "So what is it that I can help you with?" He said. "Well we would like to talk privately to you about it." I say. He nods and leads us to a private room.

I nod at Rose before I was out of sight.

I sit is a seat with Vincent next to me. He sat across from us.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?" He said.

I stood up and took out my badge and showed it to him. "NYPD you are under arrest for murder, rape, ECT." I say. He stands up and takes a gun out of his coat.

Vincent stands up and growls at him.

"Put the wealen down." I say. He smirks. "No." He said.

Rose bursted through the door with back up. He put the gun down because there were guns being pointed at him. I walked over to him cuffed him.

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in court." I say. I hand him to Rose as she walks away with back up.

"That was fun." I say. Vincent chuckles. "Sure." He says.

We walk out and I saw Rose. "The guy taken care of?" I say. She nods. "Want to have a drink?" She says. I nod. "And you are?" She said.

"Vincent." He says. She nods and she fits us some champagne.

After talking for a bit we head to the warehouse.

"Charlee!" Vincent says. "Yeah!" He says.

"We're here." Vincent says.

"Good because I have news." Charlee said. We took off our masks and went to Charlee.

"What is it?" I say.

"So I pulled a sample of Vincent's blood and started to study it. It turns out that what you went through was because you beast is growing." Charlee said.

I sat at his desk and looked through the micro scope.

"What does that mean?" I say. "It means that Vincent is getting more abilities." Charlee said.

I nodded and went through the papers that he had been studying.

Than I saw it. The picture of my father. "Wait why do you have this?" I said showing it to Charlee and Vincent. "That is the doctor that is responsible for making beasts why?" Charlee said.

"This is my father." I said. "What was your father doing with Starstruck?!" Vincent said.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Also, why would Starstruck make you stronger. They killed everyone but you because they thought you were a mistake." I say.

"Mabey because they don't want to kill him. They want to make him stronger to study him more. They are trying to push the limits of what is possible." Charlee said.

I nodded. "We will pick this up tomorrow." I said. Charlee nodded and sat down at his desk. I went to Vincent's bedroom and flipped on the bed.

He sat on the edge and looked at me. "What?!" I said as I rested on my elbows. "Nothing." He said.

I sat up and sat next to him. "It is not fair." I say. "About what." He asked.

"What they did to you." I said. Vincent kissed my forehead. "It is ok." He said. I nodded.

I left to my apartment to rest. When I enterd Tess was sitting at the couch. "Finally!" She yelled.

"What?" I said. She hugged me.

I hugged her back and smiled.

"I heard you have a man in your life." She said as she let go.

"Rose?" I say. She nods. "Yes I do. It is actually Vincent." I say.

"The Vincent that I saw a few weeks ago?" She said. I nodded.

"Good job!" She said. I gave her a confused look. "He is so hot." She said. I rolled my eyes.

"Have you two have had sex yet?" She said. I chocked on my water and coughed.

"No why?" I said. "I don't know just wondering." She said.

I said goodnight and put on some comfy clothes and went to sleep.

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