Bueaty and the beast

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After work I went to the warehouse.

I walked up the stairs and saw Charlee at his desk. "Find anything yet?" I ask.

"No but I am studying Vincent's blood more." He said. I nodded.

I walked over to his 'room' if you call it that. He wasn't there.

"Where is Vincent?" I said.

"Oh, he is out. He will be back soon though." Charlee said. I nodded.

"Anything I could halp you with?" I said. "Actually yes. I need you to read through these papers and see if you find anything." He says. I nod and start going through them.

"Here is something. It says that there was a 15 year old girl that was a part of the expiriment." I said.

"What?! They only chose men." Charlee said.

"Well her name in Brooke Adam." I said. "We will ask Vincent when he gets back." Charlee said. I nod.

"Ask me what?" I heard Vincent say. I turned around and saw h as I smiled. "There was a 15 year old girl named Brooke Adam that was a part of the expiriment." I said.

"Yeah I remember her. She was one of my buddies little sister." Vincent said.

"Well she was a beast to. Did she die?" I said.

"Not that I know of." He said. "That means there may be another beast out there." Charlee said. I nodded.

Unknown pov

I watched through the window as Vincent was with some girl. I growled at the sight. I listened in on the conversation and they found out about me.

I decided it was time to make my move.


I was talking with Divina when I sensed so ekne near by. I growled. "What is wrong?" She asked.

"Stay here." He said. I nodded.

There was a knock on the door. Charlee answered it while Vincent hid.

"Can I help you?" He said. I walked to Charlee. "Yes actually. I am looking for Vincent Keath." She said. My eyes widened.

"Sorry, we don't know who that is." I said.

"Look. Don't play dumb. Enless you want me to snap your neck." She said. Her eyes flowed red. She is Brooke Adam.

Vincent showed up out of no where. "Brooke?!" He said. She nodded. "Are you a beast?" He said. He nodded again.

"I thought you died." He said.

She shrugged her shoulders and invited hersf in. "Nope." She said. He nodded. "So who is that." She said while pointing at me. "This is my girlfriend Divina." Vincent said.

Her jaw clenched. "Does she know?" She said. He nodded.

"Ok so what are you doing here?" Charlee said.

There was something off about her. I just couldn't put my finger on it. "I heard that there was another beast so I wanted to check it out. When I found out it was you I was surprised." She said as she looked around.

He nodded again. "So are you staying?" Charlee said.

"I don't know." She said. Charlee nodded and went back to working. I went with him and studied the papers about her.

It says that she was supposed to be a super soilder. Unlike the rest. I kept reading. Then it hit me.

She isn't dead because they wanted her to be alive. They injected that stuff with Vincent to make him stronger...so they can see it beast to beast. I gasped.

I ran over to Vincent. Then his face went blank. "You bitch!" He yelled at Brooke. He grabbed my arm and speeded me and Charlee out of the building.

He stopped and turned around. Then the whole place blew up.

"Good job Vincent." I heard Brooke say. I turned around and saw her.

She tried killing us.

He growled as his eyes turned gold. "No Vincent, that is what they want." I said. "Starstruck want you to fight her to see who is stronger." I said.

He turned beast. It obviously is working. Charlee pulled me back. Brooke turned into a beast also.

After a hour of fighting Vincent just snapped her neck. "You couldn't have done that to start with?!" Charlee yelled.

"Nevermind that. Where are you guys going to stay?" I said.

"I have a idea."

Charlee said.

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