Savannah’s Smile

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Follow Savannah and Noah on their journey of finding themselves and possibly each other. Being 16 the last thing I'm thinking about is being in love. I never really been into the girlfriend thing. I only had one and she took my heart and crushed it with her bare hands. I live ~ Noah

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 Noah

Being 16 the last thing I'm thinking about is being in love. I never really been into the girlfriend thing. I've only been in love once, and she took my heart and crushed it with her bare hands. I live with my mom and dad. They been married since they were 18. Mom had me 29 at and according to them they been happy since they first met. That was until my dad started having an affair for the last 2 years. I found out on my 14th birthday. No one knows I know. Mom acts clueless. I know she knows what's going on and pretends not to. Anyway I'm Noah Williams . I'm an Junior at Woodland High. Walking through the halls this morning as usual you see the usual chaos. Couples making out, kids rushing to homeroom, friends catching on the latest antics. My best friend since kindergarten Mike was standing at his locker grabbing his first period books. Wassup Mike!

Wassup Noah! Mike greeted me with our handshake we created the day we meet. Our parents were best friends in high school so when we meet we immediately clicked.

Did you watch the game last night?

Naw I missed it. Messing with Cara annoying ass. He sucked his teeth. She wanna be bitching all night. He was annoyed. Mike is what the girls would classify his as an "man whore". All the girls know he isn't looking for anything serious and yet they still stand in line waiting for a turn.

You don't listen. I told you to stop messing with them hoes, says Britt our other best friend say popping out of nowhere into our conversation. We meet her in 2nd grade getting picked on for her ginger red hair and caramel skinned complexion by this 4th grade school bully. Which I honestly always thought he had a crush on her. She rolls her eyes annoyed at the fact Mike slept with another girl. She secretly likes Mike. They have this thing for each other. But since we all friends no one want to speak on it. I think its complete bull shit but who am I?

I don't mess with hoes. I like girls. He says laughing at the bullshit he just produced from his mouth. He tugs on Britt cheerleading skirt to get an smile out of her. Typical Mike can't take Britt being mad at him.

As usual Britt gives in and lightly pushes Mike away from her in fake annoyance. Yeah right, Britt says sarcastically rolling her eyes. I'm just so tired of you boys. I need female friends. The way you throw girls away doesn't say much about me. She snapped bumping Mike's shoulder to go inside our first period classroom.

What crawled up her ass? Mike asked loud enough for her to hear. She just flipped him off. I shook my head laughing knowing what exactly her problem is, and so does Mike he just pretends he's clueless. Mike dating bothered her always did since we were 13.

We begin walking to Science finishing our conversation about last night's game he missed. That's when I seen her Savannah Johnson. She looked up with those big brown eyes and smile that instantly made me weak. It was as if everything around me stopped. All I see was her. Completely forgetting about Mike I walked over to her. I just stood there looking into her eyes. I was stuck. I felt like a such a punk. I'm never been shy or speechless around girls. Finally I shook her hand and said Hi, I'm Williams Noah I mean Noah Williams but you can just call me Noah. Did I really just say all that out loud. What is wrong with me?

Good to know, Savannah Johnson. She smiles and again I was breathless. This feeling was different. I've been around beautiful girls, but Savannah's energy pulls me in like no other.

Are you new here? Stupid question of course she's new.

Yeah I'm from Philadelphia . My dad and I moved here about three weeks ago. She says staring at the table. Damn she's so beautiful, her caramel smooth skin, with big light brown eyes, brown shoulder length hair, she body is perfect thickness that compliment her plump ass. She was extraordinary and I had to have her.

You like it here so far? I asked .

It's okay, she hesitated. I mean it's not like I actually did anything but went to the mall.

There are other things to do around here you know that right? I found myself wanting to know everything about her.

Do I take that as an invitation? She raised her eyebrow curious.

I believe it is, I couldn't help but smile at her. A real genuine smile not something I do often.

She laughed. Damn it sound so beautiful. It get pretty quiet around here too she said while removing the hair from her face.

Yeah, you don't like the quiet ?

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