Savannah’s Smile

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Chapter 2 Savannah

No I actually take pleasure in the quietness. The city is loud except maybe around 3 or 4 in the morning where everything and everyone is still sleeping sounding or getting ready for their morning commute.

His stare was intoxicating, not being able to keep eye contact I looked away. We talked more about family. He told me about his mom and dad. It have to be amazing having two parents at home. I don't ever see my mother. I doubt she even know we moved. So are you the only child? I questioned.

Yeah but my mom and dad always talked of giving me a sibling but never happened. He looked away .

Oh well I'm the only child as well.

Did your parents wanted more ?

No I think I was enough anyway changing the subject . What do you and your friends do for fun around here?

Well my two best friends and I go to the avenue down West End. If you want I can take you down there for a tour or something?

Yeah , sure that's sound fun. I said overly excited. Your friends will be cool if I come along?

Oh yeah they'll be cool Mike and Britt will be cool. Britt will be ecstatic, he laughs. She was just telling us how she need girl friends. Well this my number text me.

This might just be my new favorite class. I thought to myself. The rest of the day was cool. The people are nice. I met another girl named Nicki she seemed cool. When I got home dad wasn't home yet ( phone vibrates) two text messages

Dad: Hey honey, I know I said I'll straight home from work , but we are running late finishing up big case

Me: Yeah okay.

267-303-6788: Hey it's Noah I got your address be ready by 9

Me: Okay!

Dad: Love you see you later night I left money on your dresser for dinner.

Me: Okay dad love you too!

I think I'll give this town a try again. I just hate getting to know people. It's like I'm selling myself for them to like me. I decided to eat and nap for safety precautions.

My phone ringing wakes me out my sleep. I have an mild headache assuming from the interruption from my sleep.

Hello I almost mumbled.

Hey baby girl are you okay , dad's concerned voice immediately calmed my uncomforted.

Hey daddy , I'm good just was napping hanging out with some kids I met from school soon and I wanted to be energized.

Well are you sure you good to go ? Don't push yourselves sweetheart. We're not back home anymore where everyone aware of the predicament, it's different here we have to be careful.

I know dad. I'm taking care of myself I promise.

Okay I love you Sweetheart!

Love you too daddy!

I blew out in breathe and checked my time, 7:45 Oh shit I gotta get dressed!

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