Savannah’s Smile

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Chapter 3 Noah

So Noah tell me about her? Why are we inviting her to our weekly hangout?Britt asked genuinely curious. I’m not surprised our weekly hangouts are sacred. We would meet up at the same time at our treehouse in my backyard, once we got old enough Grace's Diner became our new hangout. Grace and her homemade milkshake and burgers. I promise you there is nothing like it. We eat at the same table, and talk, cry in Britt case, laugh, and just hear each other out.

I can't shake this feeling about her. In the five minutes I talked to her I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to know everything about her. She’s different and pulling me in. I don’t know can’t really explain it just trust me I have a good feeling about her. I tried to calm her doubt.

I don’t know I think you did a pretty great job , Mike says teasingly with a knowing smile.

Okay so does this mean your done hoeing? She completely ignored Mike. Her tone suggested no sarcasm, but I wasn't convinced I mean no more Ashley, Courtney, Trina- ahh there it go.

Okay Brittany I get it. I glared at her not letting her finish the sentence. I never forced them girls into anything. I was always honest about what we were getting into. I didn't lead anyone on. I was getting a little annoyed. Britt always on my back about how I treat girls, but never consider the fact the females agree to my terms they use me just as well. I never called a female out her name. I wouldn't dare hit one. I'm no cheater, always been a faithful guy. I even had a relationship, and she was the love of my life. That was a big mistake. So I like to sleep around, there isn't any harm in that I'm single.

Noah , she sighed knowing she pushed to far. I'm just saying you said she was different. Do you honestly think she would be happy with the way you handle your relationships?

No I don't, but I don't want that with her , I want everyone to know she belongs to me.

See he’s serious about her. Mike spoke again.

Yeah I am, but what was that? I asked referring to Mike statement.

Oh I told Britt how you made a fool of yourself in front of the new girl today, and how I think you actually might like her. She wasn’t convinced, he pointed at Britt.

There was a weird silence in the car to break the tension Mike thought it was a perfect opportunity to bring up Nicole. I wonder how Nicki going to take this? Mike laughed loudly.

Why? Britt asked grossly confused.

Because Noah smashed freshmen year at the school dance Mike blurted out, continuing in his laughter.

Omg eww Noah , Britt cringed no wonder she be all over you. Why just why would you even? She shivered as if she had the chills.

Man I don't know that shit with Tamia, my dad, and you know I was just was confused, angry, heartbroken, and alone. Nicki was sad her date never showed. So we started drinking that punch and we kept drinking it, before I knew it I had her pinned up against the boys locker room. I don't remember the sex I was so drunk. I just remember Nicki following me around all week like a lost puppy, and her telling everyone we were a item.

Ha I remember this, Mike cut in. Personally I thought and still do think you were too nice to her.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings more then I already was going to. I knew she had a crush on me since the 6th grade.

Why don't I remember any of this? Britt injected.

Cheer-leading team! Mike and I said in unison. Britt spent her freshman year in cheer world. We barely hung out, because she was always busy with practice, games, or just activities the team had.

Oh them bitches, she rolled her eyes sitting back. Surprisingly she still on the team as head captain and really love cheering just not a big fan of her teammates this year.

We pulling up to her house now, please no more Nicki, or whoever talk. I don't want to scare her away. They both nodded in unison.

Noah: Hey, I'm outside.

Savannah: Be right out.

She emerged from the house with her now curly hair bouncing wildly , ripped jeans and a simple t-shirt that said DUH. So simple but equally breath taking. I got out the car to open the door for her, as she got closer I could see her perfect smile. It didn't quite reach her eyes, but it was there. Hi Noah, two words was all she said as she got in the car and I knew I was hers.

Hi Savannah, this is Brittany and Mike.

You can just call me Britt, we have advanced English together I remember your name. You had on this cute sweater I wanted to ask about, but didn't want to seem too joe. Everyone was already annoying you with the questions.

Savannah laughed, naw its would of been cool, I got it from Forever 21 last winter. Britt smiled appreciating her answer, She likes her. Mike would have been okay with her regardless, but Britt is different. I have no sisters and she have no brothers so naturally we became close as siblings, I'm not saying Britt hates all the girls I was involved with , but after Tamia like me Britt puts a wall up. She was there when I got my heart shattered.They were also close friends. Brittany seen firsthand what I was going through. She was constantly worried and sad, because I was hurting so you can imagine how protective she has become.

Were you from a small town? How do you like it here? Britt and I turned to look at Mike. I smiled appreciating his effort. Mike trying to get to know her.

Savannah smiled I guess reminiscing, It's okay tonight is my first time going out besides when my dad, and I went to the movies. No I didn't live in a small town. I lived in the city we just have neighborhoods. I did live in my neighborhood all my life, so I get being in a community where everyone knows everything.

Cool , I hope you don't mind the thousand of questions it's not often people move to this town especially from the city. Everyone we know lived here their whole life so I'm genuinely curious. Mike stated.

No I get it fine, she reassured him.

So where did you live? Did you like your school? Did you have any friends?

Savannah laughed as the sudden influx of questions. Philadelphia, and my school was like any other school. I liked that best friends was with me. I shared a class with one or two of them. My teachers was cool. I stayed away from drama and confusion of other people. Everyone knew each other from elementary or middle school, or your lived in the same neighborhood such as me and my friends.

Best friends? How many? Did you know all them the same amount of time? Britt jumped in.

I have 3, Bailey, Brian, and Justin. Her eyes had a sad glint as she said his name. It peaked more of my interest. I wanted to know more about him. I met Bailey and Brain the twins at the same time we was in 2nd grade together. Justin and I met as babies our parents are best friends.Our moms were pregnant together not planned just god. Sue smiled at that.

Wow that's cool, I bet your really going to miss him huh? I asked truly curious.

Yeah, she had a sad smile and unshed tears. Something in my gut tells me that Justin and Savannah may not just be friends. I reached over to grab her hand. She got quiet. I could tell something was bothering her. She looked down at our hands and then up to me and smiled and this time there was a new light in her eyes. I knew it was for me. After that it got quiet Britt and Mike noticed they touch on sore spot with Savannah. It wasn't awkward just a little tense. We pulled up to the diner about 15 minutes later. Once we enter I looked over to notice Savannah smiling.

This looks like a scene from Grease. Savannah broke the silence and we laughed just like that the mood was light again, that conversation we had in the car was now non-existent. Can we sit at a booth?

I smiled yeah our usual table is a booth. We walked over to the table the own Mrs. Grace was in tonight. She came over to our table smiling at us she hasn't seen us in over a year. Her husband died last year and she took a sabbatical. Traveling seeing the places her and Mr.Bill didn't make. She often sent postcards. I just knew I was going to see you three today. She looked over to Savannah, oh my goodness look at the beautiful girl. Wait, her eyes held recognition are you Karen's little girl?

Savannah immediately tensed, eyes full of surprise and some confusion. Yes, you know my mother? She asked in a whisper.

Mrs. Grace eyes changed from excitement to sympathy. She was quiet before she answered, almost as if she was thinking of what to say. Oh yes , I know your family very well. Savannah looked away avoiding eye contact with us knowing her words meant she knew information we didn't. How are you? She asked touching Savannah hand.Her voice warm with so much concern. She looks at Savannah as if she knew her all her life. Mike, Britt, and I are all in shocked and confused then ever maybe it not so random that's she here. No one just move to Fairhill by choice.

Savannah voiced was low, she was uncomfortable and it showed all in her face. She didn't like being put on the spot. I'm okay, she shrugged her shoulders. Mrs. Grace noticed her being discomfort with the conversation. She looked at us. Well how are you guys doing ? Did you two start dating yet ? She asked Mike and Britt knowing what we all know. They have feelings for each other.

Mike coughs uncomfortable, scratches the back of his neck. No Mrs. Grace we are just friends. We told you that, he smirked.

Right just friends, she smiled a knowing smile. She turned to me. How about you Noah how everything ?

It was my turn to be put on the spot. I'm great just been focusing on school and basketball.

Your mom and dad ?

They good, working keeping busy I'm trying to not give off too much information.


I held my breath. I knew she would ask about him. Why wouldn't she watched him grow up too. I shrugged uninterested in the topic, in my world he is dead. I let out my breath. I haven't heard anything.

She nodded knowing my reasons in avoiding this conversation. Well it was so great seeing you all again. You all are growing into beautiful and wonderful kids. Can't believe it was only ten years ago when y'all first walked in here, sitting at this very table. I'm proud of you, her voice held so much sincerity we appreciated knowing she meant every word. I'm better get going, I have someone to meet. I'll see you all around. Savannah it was great seeing you, don't be shy to come see me anytime.

Okay I will, Savannah smiled warmly.

Wait Mrs.Grace are you staying last year you were leaving town to be closer to family.

Oh I'm here to stay plans had changed, Sarah? She called out come take this tables order for me please, and with that she left.

Hi, my name is Sarah I'm your waitness for tonight . She looked at me and immediately we recognized each other , then her eyes traveled to Savannah. We all watch the 360 change in her demeanor. Her eyes narrowed. What can I get y'all?

I want get a strawberry banana milkshake, with bacon cheese burger, with chili cheese fries.

Savannah was getting ready to order and she cut her off to get Mike and Brittany's order. Britt being the amazing person she is cut her off. Um Sarah you knowingly skipped over my friend order. She was next, and I don't think you want me to call Mrs. Grace or her son Josh who just so happened to walk in the door , and glanced over our direction hearing his name.

Is everything okay Brittany? I heard my name being called.

Sarah straightened up and put a fake smile on her face. No sir, it just a simple miscommunication.

No she purposely skipped over my friend Savannah, because she saw she was with Noah.

Josh looked at Sarah and then Savannah but he stared at her out of recognition like his mother. He was surprised, Savannah noticed his staring and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. He look back to Sarah. Business face back on. I don't have time for childishness. I won't tolerate it at work. You can go home today and think about how to be professional , and if you can't don't bother coming back. He dismissed her and she stomped off angrily to the back. He turned back to Savannah and before he could ask she beat him to it.

Yes my mother name is Karen, there was a hint of bitterness to it.

He laughed, yeah I can tell. You have her sass. I'm Josh he held out is hand to her. Your Savannah right?

Yes , she answered quietly.

He stared at her for a while longer before looking away , well I hope I took care of your troubles today! Your food will be out right away I'll get your usuals on the house of course. I'll see you guys around.

As he walked away my mind was going through so many questions. What was Savannah thinking? Did she know her mother lived here ? Who is her mom? I wonder if my parents know her. Most importantly how is she connected to the Wilson family? The most well respected family around here , they own a lot of businesses around here from Laundromats to Apartments and Condos. I have more to find out about Ms. Savannah Johnson.

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