Savannah’s Smile

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Chapter 4 Savannah

This is sooo weird, an absolute stranger knowing more about me, and my mother then I ever would. Who were they ? And why did they look at me like a long lost daughter? Dad and I need to have a conversation. I thought we moved here because the pediatrician here specializes in my condition, that my old pediatrician referred me here. Noah and Mike went to play a game of shoot ball so it was just Britt and I.

Sorry about earlier in the car , she spoke . Sometimes I don't know my filter.

It's okay , I reassured her. I just didn't realize how much I missed my friends. We aren't on the best of terms right now.

She nodded in understanding. Well if it means anything I'm glad your here. I tired of being the only girl.

I laughed, I can imagine. Thanks I'm starting to like it here too. Thanks for having my back earlier also.

No problem anytime. Your absolute positive that you don't know Mrs. Grace and her son Josh. They sure as hell recognized you.

Nope, I don't know them. They know my mother though.

Yeah that was a little weird.

So how long have you had feeling for Mike ?

What is it that noticeable?

No I just know the looks when I see them. It's all too familiar to me.

Does Noah know?

Yeah he like you is very perceptive. So future advice he notice the little things. When you think he's not paying attention is when he watching you the most.

I was comforted in knowing I will have his full attention. I like that he was already so in tuned with me. I have no problem with that.

Yeah I can tell already y'all going to gross me out.

I laughed, I'm not ready for a relationship, but I do want to get to know Noah. Something about him is pulling me in.

Hmm that's funny.

What is ?

Nothing. She shook her head changing her mind then she sighed giving in. Look I see the sparks between you and Noah just be gentle with him. He may seem as if nothing bothers him, but he feels everything.

Brittany I have no interest in hurting him, as I said I like Noah. He didn't have to invite me tonight, I know I invaded a personal thing tonight. I appreciate you guys being so cool about it.

Savannah my friend , she says dipping her straw in her milkshake. I can tell this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. We shared a laugh and the Mike thing. Can that be between me and you? Noah knows but I never admitted anything out loud. I know Mike can sense how I feel about him. Just as I can sense he has feelings for me, but we have this silent agreement to act as if nothing exist. Her expression changed from playful to serious. All our almost kisses mean nothing, because almost doesn't count. Even though he was my first kiss , and it was perfect. Her voice held so much emotion. It does not mean the same for him, because he has a dozen first kisses with plenty of girls. She looked up to me with tears filling her eyes. I can feel her pain it's almost identical. Oh and my virginity I'm not waiting for marriage just the right person and moment. My heart clenched for her not only, because she was in love with her best friend, but I was that girl. So in love with a boy that nothing else matters. I reached out and grabbed her hand for support letting her know that I'm here for her. Something my friends failed to do for me.

The boys soon returned picking up on the sappy mood. Everything okay ladies? I smiled and then Mike looked from me to Britt stared at her longer. Guilt flashed in his eyes immediately picking up on the cause of her tears. Just tell him Britt, he pleading for you to say something. I silently cried in my head. Brittany being who she is blinked it way and put that wall back up. She plastered the fakest smile she can dig yeah I'm okay just some girl talk. Mike had flash of disappointment but covered with his usual neutral expression. I see now how my friends became frustrated with me. But I understand Britt, she's only doing what she thinks is best for her. Even though it might mean she could lose the love of her life. I can't watch it again. I mean it too late for me, but it's not for them.

Noah just absorbing his best friends behavior him being used to this just shook his head slid down on the booth seat next to me. This he points at the two people awkwardly avoiding touching and eye contact, this happens at least three times a day. I don't know what is taking so long for someone to step up. It starting to get depressing to watch. He then eats his food as if nothing happening so that's what I did continued to eat my food. I felt someone staring at me I looked up to see Josh looking right at me , but it wasn't a stalker creepy feeling, it was more as if I reminded him of someone.I'm guessing my mother . He was remorseful, there was something else I can't put my finger on it. He smiled and walked to the back of the store. Noah noticing what just happened ask, Are you okay? Normal question with a simple answer, but I Savannah Johnson is not a normal girl. Nothing about my life is simple. Not able to bring the words I just nodded and gave my traditional false smile. Noah just smiled back and finished his food. Even though I was glad I came tonight. I 'm also tired and ready to go home. I stupidly forgot my pain medicine, and starting to get a massive headache. I can fight it off for so long before it get the best of me.

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