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As a successful business man, Mahir Shegal had everything he wants and the most important he had a loving wife Shravani, the love of his life. But fate deals a heavy blow when Shravani dies in an accident. This story is all about mahir who is in depression since a year after loosing his wife. Who would come into mahir's life as a saviour, and what would happen if he had to face another milestone in his life? As they always say that love is painful.. so does our BEHIR'S story. Do Peep inside to know what changed mahir's life! ❤️

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


It's a pleasant morning but not as pleasant for those who lost something very important in there lives. Things changed completely and now nothing is like before in Sehgal's mansion.

In a room filled with lots of photos of a couple there's someone lying on the floor with an alcohol bottle in his hand. He is in his half conscious. This is not only today, but he is in the same condition since a year as he has lost his life... yeah you read it right, he is alive physically but emotionally and mentally he is dead long ago.

While the person is almost loosing his conscious someone comes inside. It was Yuvraj Sehgal or uv (Ankit Mohan), the youngest son of the the top most businesses man Andy Sehgal (Chetan Hansraj) and his wife Sumithra Sehgal (Rakshanda Khan).

UV shouts looking at that person

"Mahir Bhai"

Yes it's mahir (Pearl V Puri) who had lost his wife Shravani (Surbhi Jyoti) a year ago and since then mahir is a totally changed person.

UV comes running inside the room seeing mahir, his elder brother and the person he loves the most. He immediately takes the alcohol bottle from mahir's hand and puts it aside. He manages to lift mahir and made him sit on the bed and he himself sat next to him.

UV - Bhai what is this? How many days you will keep thinking about Shravani Bhabhi like this and spoil your health

Mahir - then what should I do UV? I can't live without my shravani, if I'm still living that's only because of you and maa

UV - I understand Bhai but please don't be like this. You have to handle the office, I want to see the old mahir bhai please

Mahir sees UV crying and felt bad for hurting his family for his own fate.

Mahir's pov - I'm already in pain but because of me my entire family is suffering. My shravani will not come back, atleast I should make my family happy. Yes! I can never forget shravani but I shouldn't be like this.

Mahir - UV I'll join the office again from tomorrow

UV - (happy) bhai Thank you so much Bhai I'm so happy for you now

UV hugs mahir and then goes down and informs Sumi and Andy the same.

After sometime mahir gets ready, he takes all the photo frames hung on the wall and carefully place it in his closet and comes down.

Andy - mahir I'm happy for you, finally after a year you decided to come to office and forget the past

Mahir - I'm not forgetting the past dad, I'm just trying to be normal for the sake of you all, coz I don't want you people to suffer because of me

Sumi - mahir! We won't force you to marry someother as we know you won't accept but promise me you will try to forget shravani and be happy

Mahir - I can only try maa, nothing is in my hands (a lone tear escapes from his eyes).... Shall we go dad? (To Andy)

Andy - Haan mahir come

Mahir along with Andy and UV leaves to the office. On the other side Sumi goes to the pooja room and sits Infront on the god's ideal.

Sumi - god please bring back my old mahir, i can't see him like this

Tears fall from Sumi's eyes thinking of the past incident.


After shravani's accident mahir gets a call from the police about the accident so immediately everyone reach the accident spot and they see that shravani's car is at the corner and completely damaged and shravani is lying down unconscious. Mahir goes near and sees a pool of blood near the car and is devasted, he cries out and immediately takes her to the hospital.

Dr check her and declares that she's dead due to the major injuries in her body. Andy and Sumi somehow manages and takes mahir home but little do they know that that was the last day they could see mahir's smile.

Flashback ends.

To be continued....

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