The One For Me!

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Chapter 10

Continuing from the last part...

Suhani - you are Bela right?

Bela - suhani?

Suhani noddes her head and both hug eachother.

Mahir - do you guys know eachother before?

Bela - Haan mahir ji! Suhani was my classmate or rather my best friend when I'm persuing degree

Suhani - and later since we lost our contacts so we couldn't meet again, but I never expected that you would turn up to my marriage like this!

Suhani takes Bela with her and introduce to her family.

Pratham - mahir what's this? Isn't she shravani?

Mahir - no pratham! She's not shravani, she's Bela

Pratham - but how's this possible?

Mahir tells him everything about Bela being Andy friend's daughter and her not being shravani.

Pratham - are you sure she's not shravani?

Mahir - I don't know pratham, sometimes I feel that shravani and Bela have many similarities but sometimes I feel that they both are different

Pratham - Bhai I think you have to enquire once, how can two persons look so similar?

Mahir - Haan I'll do it.. first go and marry your love (to lighten up the mood).

Pratham blushes.

Soon pratham and suhani gets married, in the evening they arrange the reception and suhani and pratham starts dancing. Then all the couples join and starts dancing along with them.

Pratham sees mahir talking to someone on call, he excuses and goes near him. Without a word he snaches his mobile and puts it in mahir's pocket.

Pratham - you came for my marriage, not for any meeting

Mahir - Accha fine.. as you say

Pratham - enough of your acting! Come

Mahir - where?

Pratham takes mahir near Bela and keeps his hand on her hand and pulls them both on to the dance floor.

Mahir looks into bela's eyes and signs permission for dancing to which she blinks her eyes in acceptance.

Mahir keeps his one hand on her waist and with the other he interwinded his fingers with her's, bela's keeps her one hand on his back. They slowly move according to the song moves without breaking there eyelock.

This was indeed a slow and a smooth dance and slowly it turned into a passionate one. Mahir lifts Bela by her waist and turns around. They dance romantically looking into eachother's eyes. Soon they realise that everyone stoped dancing and they also leave the dance floor.

Next day in mahir's room he is talking to someone on call.

Mahir on call - ji! Yes I want to know all the details of Miss. Bela and Ms. Shravani Sehgal as soon of possible.... Ji thank you

Call ends.

Mahir's pov - now I'll know if Bela is my shravani or she's only Bela! I just wish she's shravani, I can't stay away from her. With her death only she took away all my happiness and joy. And after one year I'm smiling only because of Bela in my life. I started falling for bela, I don't know what's this but if this is love I'll never confess it to her coz I can't betray my love for shravani. And if Bela is shravani only then no one can ever seperate us.

Pov ends.

In bela's room she's lying on the bed with her back facing the ceiling. She starts staking mahir's pics in Instagram.

Bela's pov - why you so cute mahir? Actually too hot, bit cute also.. I wish I can hug you tightly and kiss on your cheek but I know all these are just fantasies and can never be fulfilled. This mahir ugh! Whenever I try to cheer him he give a killer smile and that's enough for me to be dumb the rest of the time. Bela what are you doing? I can't drool over him, he is so hot and rich and obviously he might be having some girlfriend or atleast there might be many people who are a competition for me.

What? Wait wait did I just say competition? Oops I just did, but I myself don't know what I mean by that? I'm totally in a dilemma of do I like or love him.. but seriously now I don't wanna think of all these and spoil the present moment. So shrugging all my thoughts I covered myself with a blanket and drifts off into sleep.

To be continued...

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