The One For Me!

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Chapter 19

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir comes home and sees Bela infront of him looking at him angrily.

Mahir - Bela what happened?

Bela - so you forgot?

Mahir - arre what did I do?

Bela - the problem is you dint do anything... Dint I tell you that my dad is coming tomorrow so I wanna go out with you?

Mahir - oh yeah! We can still go out now Bela... Calm down

Bela - so you think I'm overreacting now?

Mahir - arre Bela I didn't mean that

Bela - I know what you meant

Mahir - arre Bela you are...

Saying this he comes close to Bela but he stops speaking when Bela hugs him suddenly.

Bela - I'll miss you

Mahir - Bela! We can still meet daily... Can't we?

Bela - we can but still...

Mahir - accha leave, come let's go out

Bela - hm

Mahir holds bela's hands and takes her out and goes near there car.

Bela - mahir shall we go in bike?

Mahir - bike? But I don't have Bela

Bela - UV have it na... We will go please

Mahir - Accha fine... Anything for your happiness

Bela - thank you

Mahir sits on the bike and bela sits keeping her both hands on his shoulders.

In the between of there ride Bela back hugs mahir and keeps her head on his back. Mahir looks at Bela through the mirror and smiles. Soon they reach the beach and Bela gets down.

Bela - beach?

Mahir - yeah since you love it

Surprisingly Bela hugs mahir.

Bela - thank you mahir... You understand me so well!

Mahir doesn't answer but instead he slashes some water on Bela.

Bela also takes some water in her hand and throws on him. They play with the water for some time and suddenly bela's leg hit a rock beside and when she was about to fall mahir holds her... In this process they both fall into the water while mahir on Bela. They both look at eachother and starts laughing...

Mahir helps Bela to stand and they both come near the rocks aside and sit there.

Bela - mahir!

Mahir - Haan Bela

Bela - my clothes are completely wet! What will I do now?

Mahir - it's ok... We will go for shopping first?

Bela - yeah that's a good idea

Mahir and Bela drove to a near by shopping mall and Bela starts selecting clothes for her.

Finally after a while both take there dresses and changes and then leave the place.

The full day they spend some good time with eachother... They return back home late night and Bela immediately goes to her room and falls on the bed. Mahir smiles seeing her and then goes to his room and sleeps.

Next morning mahir wakesup and comes down after getting ready for breakfast... He sees Sumi serving for Andy and UV.

Sumi - you came! It's your favourite today.. come fast mahir

Mahir - ji maa... Where is Bela?

Sumi - she dint come beta... She said she isn't hungry now so she will eat later itseems

Mahir - what? How can she not be hungry? Yesterday also she dint eat too much...

Mahir gets up from his seat and goes to bela's room with a plate of breakfast.

UV - did you see maa the change in mahir Bhai?

Sumi - yes UV... I hope it remains forever, moreover it's all because of Bela ( she smiles seeing the growing bond between them)

In bela's room Mahir see that Bela is sleeping so he tries waking her up.

Bela wakesup and sits on the bed.

Bela - what happened mahir?

Mahir - why didn't you come for breakfast?

Bela - I told na I wasn't hungry... Actually I'm very sleepy so I thought I'll eat in a while

Mahir - you can sleep later also but now get up and have your breakfast

Bela - did you eat?

Mahir - no! I'll eat after you do

Bela - why so? Let's eat together

Bela takes the plate from mahir and feeds him with her hands while mahir also does the same... While they are feeding eachother Sumi passes by and tears of happiness falls from her eyes.

They complete eating and mahir was about to go but he turned back and looked at Bela.

Mahir - be ready tomorrow you have a surprise

Bela - tomorrow? But I'm going to my home back today

Mahir - so what? Are we not gonna meet after that?

Bela - yeah we will for obvious... But what's the surprise?

Mahir - if I say now why would I call it a surprise?

Bela - ok fine I'll wait

Mahir smiles and goes down

To be continued...

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