The One For Me!

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Chapter 2

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir goes to his chamber and opens his laptop but his eyes fall on the photoframe of Shravani's and mahir's first date kept aside and tears start falling from his eyes.


Mahir is in his house and he calls Shravani who is on her scooty. She stops aside and pics up the call.

Shravani - hello

Mahir - hi shravani! I'm mahir

Shravani - mahir sehgal?

Mahir - haan, would you like to join me for a coffee

Shravani - (thinks for a while) ok sure which time?

Mahir - if you are free now..

Shravani - ok then I'll come to ccd?

Mahir - yaah sure thank you shravani! See you there bye

Shravani smiles and directly drove to ccd, she goes there and sees mahir already waiting for her. Mahir sees shravani and pulls the chairs for her and he sits opposite to her. They place there order and none of them know what to talk so mahir starts the conversation.

Mahir - shravani do you have a boyfriend?

Shravani - yes! (Lieing)

Mahir - what?

Shravani - ya I mean I have a boyfriend (controling her laugh)

Mahir face falls hearing this and shravani observes that

Shravani - what happened?

Mahir - nothing

They soon complete drinking there coffee and were going to leave and all this while mahir dint utter a single word after listening that shravani has a boyfriend.

Mahir - umm..shall I drop you

Shravani - noo actually...

Mahir - your boyfriend will come to pick you?

Shravani observes his sad face.

Shravani - noo I have my scooty..and moreover I don't have a boyfriend, I was just joking that time but I'm sorry I didn't know that my lie would effect you this much

Mahir's pov - so she doesn't have a boyfriend... but what does she mean by effect on me? Did she actually get to know that I didn't like her having a boyfriend? Oh god what would she thinking now

Shravani - I'm not thinking anything (smiling)

Mahir is shocked as she spoke as if she knows what he was thinking.

Shravani - ok then I have to leave..bye, see you later

Mahir - when

Shravani smirkes listening to it but she doesn't answer anything and leaves from there.


Mahir comes out of his thoughts and to divert his mind starts to work. Soon after a few hours he feels restless and thinks to go out for sometime. He takes his car and drove, he stops near the same coffee shop where he met shravani for there first unofficial date 😂. He parks his car the opposite side and crosses the road.

While he was crossing he's unaware that a truck is coming his way but fortunately someone pulls him and saves him from getting hit by the truck.

Due to the force mahir collides with that person but he couldn't see her face as it was covered by her hair. Mahir stands properly and suddenly he feels his heart beating faster. The girl moves her hair and tucks it behind her ears and that's when mahir receives the biggest shock of his life.

Mahir - shravani!

Mahir immediately hugs the girl but she doesn't hug him back. She backs off from the hug.

Girl - ji? I'm sorry I'm not name is bela.. Bela sharma

Mahir is again shocked knowing that she isn't shravani.

Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) - are you fine? What were you thinking that time..if I dint come on time then you would have been in hospital now

Mahir - Thank you!... U..

Just then Bela gets a call..and she's goes away from there. Mahir immediately takes his car and follow's her and reaches her house. He sees her until she goes inside and then drove back to his home. He goes to his room and locks it from inside and sits on the bed.

Mahir's pov - if she is not my shravani then who is she? She looks just like shravani and how is this even possible..first I should check if she's bela or shravani

To be continued...

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