The One For Me!

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Chapter 21

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir says this and runs to his room with tears rushing from his eyes and locks the door from inside.

He sits on the floor and starts crying after many days... He gets all the flashes of his moments with shravani as well as Bela... he feels dizzy thinking and fighting with his feelings for shravani and Bela and falls on the floor unconscious.

Bela along with her parents leaves from Sehgal's mansion with heavy hearts... And on the other side Sumi is tensed of what will happen to mahir now.

UV comes near Mahir's room and knocks the door but when he doesn't get any response he gets scared and starts breaking the door. Finally the door opens and he sees mahir lying unconscious on the floor. He goes near him and manages to make him lie on the bed and immediately calls the doctor.

Dr - no need to worry it's only because of stress... He will gain his consious soon... But it's better if you keep him happy

UV - ji Dr

In the evening mahir wakes up and sees UV sitting on the floor and sleeping keeping his head on the bed. Mahir gets up and sits on the bed and UV also wakesup with the moment. UV immediately takes a tablet and gives it to mahir along with water. Mahir without a word eats it.

Mahir - UV... I love Bela

Uv - I know Bhai... But not to me you have tell it too Bela only

Mahir - but what if she reject me.. I wanted you surprise her by proposing her today by telling her the truth that I'm already married but will she accept me after knowing it's her sister only

UV - Bhai I'm sure even Bela loves you so much... And about your marriage, when she loves you truly all that will matter to her is your present and future but not your past... It's better if you talk to her as soon as possible

Mahir - hm

Mahir hugs UV.

Next day morning mahir gets ready and comes down and while he is going out Sumi calls him.

Sumi - where are you going mahir?

Mahir - maa I want to meet Bela!

Sumi - (caressing his face) you chose the right path mahir... She's the right the one for you

Mahir - Thank you maa

Mahir takes blessings from Sumi and goes to Sharma's house. He goes inside and sees Sarika in the kitchen... Sarika hears some sound and comes out from kitchen and sees mahir there.

Sarika - arre mahir beta come... Came to meet Bela?

Mahir - yes aunty... Is she in her room?

Sarika - Haan from yesterday she's in her room only... We tried a lot to talk to her but she just says that she want to stay alone... I don't know what happened to her you only see beta

Mahir - ji aunty I'll see you don't worry

Sarika - Thank you beta

Mahir goes up to bela's room and Knocks the door but she doesn't open... He again knocks the door.

Bela - maa I told you na please leave me alone

Mahir - Bela!... Bela please open the door I want to talk to you

Bela realises it's mahir and silently opens the door and again sits on her bed... Mahir realises that the door is opened so he opens the door and goes inside.

Mahir - Bela!

Bela - hmm

Mahir - what happened why are you not talking... Did I.....

Bela - (interrupting) no! You didn't do anything... It was my mistake trusting you blindly... But you! What did you do, you never told me that you are married... You never told that shravani looks just like me... You didn't tell me anything

You you...

Bela bursts out crying hard and mahir immediately pulls her into his embrace while Bela tries pushing him getting rid of his hold but fails... She then wraps her hands around him and cries her heart out... Mahir let's her cry and they both stay like that for sometime and then mahir backs off and cups her face.

To be continued...

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