The One For Me!

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Chapter 2

Continuing from the last part...

Bela - good morning mahir

Mahir - good morning bela! How are you now... Having headache?

Bela - not much but yeah little

Mahir - ok you freshup I will get coffee for you

Bela - hm

Mahir goes down to the kitchen and Bela goes to the washroom... Bela comes after ten minutes and finds mahir sitting on the bed with two mugs of coffee.

Mahir - here is your coffee (giving her one mug)

Bela - thank you

Bela sips little and looks at mahir thinking where to start questing him from?

Mahir - dont see like that... I don't have energy to answer your questions

Bela - mahir! (Glaring) accha tell na what did I do yesterday? Did I do anything wrong

Mahir tells everything about what happened last night and also about coming to his farmhouse and later how she asked him to change her dress.

Bela - oh so you changed my dress (blushing)

Mahir - then what should I do? You left me no option

Bela giggles and keeps her coffee mug aside...

Bela - by the way how did you have Ladies clothes here?

Mahir - it's Shravani's... She left it here the last time we came

Bela - ohh good that di had left... If not I couldn't sleep with that dress (making faces)

Mahir - if that's the case then you would have wore my shirt

Bela - yeah that's a more better idea (biting her lower lip)

Mahir - now don't do that... I will not be able to control myself

Bela - did I ever say you to control?

Mahir - accha

Mahir gets up and comes upon Bela... Bela lies on the bed while mahir is on top of her...

Bela's pov - he started caressing my lips to which I frowned... So I pulled him close by his hair and locked my lips with his... He started sucking my lips to which I enjoyed... We broke when we were short of breath...

He inserted his hand in my top and made his way through my breasts... He cupped them in his hand to which I gasped... He slowly unhooked my bra and then removed my top... I too started removing his shirt and through it aside... We soon got rid of out clothes and he covered ourselves with the blanket...

Unable to control our desires we made love to each other and again drifts off into sleep in eachothers arms peacefully..

Mahir's pov - i woke up with the sound of my phone ringtone... But before I could lift it the call ended... I saw the time it was already 12pm and then I saw that maa and sarika aunty had called me many times... Shit! I could have informed them that it would be late for us... So I immediately called maa and informed that me and Bela will reach in an hour and asked her to inform sarika aunty the same..

I looked at Bela who is sleeping peacefully sleeping in my arms... I managed to wake her up and then we both got ready and immediately left from there... I dropped Bela in her house but I was least interested to stay away from her... Dejected I went back to my home and called her once I went to my room...

Pov ends.

Mahir - missing me?

Bela - too much

Mahir - mee too! But just in two days you will me mine forever and ever

Bela blushes hard...

Mahir - dont blush to much... I'll be there again and this time will be more wild

Bela - mahir! And how did you know that I was blushing?

Mahir - i know everything about you princess

Bela - princess?

Mahir - yeah! My princess

Bela smiles and like this they talk to each other for some time...

Next day it was mehandi function.

(Not gonna mention much about the pre - wedding rituals)

Bela is getting ready in her room while someone comes and hugs her from behind... She smiled knowing that it's mahir.

Bela - mahir leave na i have to get ready

Mahir - who is disturbing you now.. Go ahead

Bela blushes and mahir also helps her in getting ready... They soon go down hand in hand, sumi sees them and gets happy to see them this happy with each other...

Sumi - god bless you both

Behir look at each other and smiles..

Soon bela sits and then the mehandi girl starts applying mehandi for her... Bela looks at mahir and blushes seeing his name on her hand...

To be continued...

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