The One For Me!

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Chapter 28

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir isn't able to utter a single word seeing the situation and doesn't know to get shravani back to her life or to marry Bela and forget shravani. After a lot of argument with himself about what to do he finally tries to speak up but stops as Bela as starts speaking...

Bela - I'll not marry mahir

All are shocked listening this from bela but she continues...

Bela - yes.. I'll not marry mahir. He had feelings for me because I resemble shravani but he still loves her and can never forget shravani... Shravani came back only for mahir and I can't let my sister be in tears just because of me... Let's stop this here only and shravani will remain the daughter in-law of this house

Mahir - Bela!

Bela - (interrupting) this is my final decision mahir

Bela runs from there crying and goes from the house... He mahir is devasted by Bela's sudden move and doesn't even think about Shravani. He goes to his room and locks it from inside and takes an alcohol bottle after many days and starts drinking it. All the things happened a few hours ago flashes in his mind and soon he falls unconscious on the floor.

Sumi tries to go to mahir's room but uv stops and signs her in no through his eyes to let him stay alone... Soon everyone go back to there room and shravani goes to the guest room not to disturb mahir in this situation.

Next morning UV comes to mahir's room and knocks the door, when mahir doesn't open he takes the spare keys and opens it... He goes inside and sees mahir lying down on the floor unconscious.

He immediately goes near him and manages to make him lie on the bed, due to the moment mahir slowly opens his eyes and looks at UV... UV realises that mahir drank way too much than he always does and he could see the broken bottles lying on the floor. Seeing mahir still not in his sense he takes mahir to the washroom and soon he helps him to get ready... UV makes mahir sit and he himself sits beside him.

UV - Bhai what's all this... What's the need to drink again now?

Mahir - what's the need? What do you think I can do now? Should I choose Bela because I love her or should I choose shravani as she was my wife?

UV - Bhai I can understand your situation... But drinking isn't the solution... Listen to your heart, if it says to choose Bela then marry her, and if it says to choose shravani then continue your married life forgetting everything

Mahir closes his eyes for a second and all the moments he spent with Bela till date come in front of him and immediately he opens his eyes.

Mahir - I love Bela! But I can't leave shravani like this UV

Just then he sees shravani standing near the door and mahir realises that she heard what they spoke. Mahir and UV stand up and shravani comes near them. Uv leaves from there to give them some privacy.

Mahir - shravani!

Shravani - I thought if you see me again you will be very happy, but I never expected this would hurt you the most... I'm sorry mahir ji

Mahir - shravani it's...

Shravani - (interrupting) let me talk mahir ji... I love you, I still love you mahir ji... But more than anything your happiness is important for me... If you feel Bela is right for you now then I won't stop you, let's file divorce and then you can marry Bela (controlling her tears)

Mahir hugs shravani to which he hugs back. He backs off and cups her face.

Mahir - I accept that I love Bela but that doesn't mean I'll leave you like this... But I need time to come over everything that's happening now

Shravani - I'll not force you for anything mahir ji... You do what you feel its right, if you choose me then I'll wait for you

Mahir - thanks you shravani

They both go down and see Anurag and Sarika there.

Shravani - maa

Sarika - sorry beta! Because of us you had to live like an orphan even when you have a family

Shravani hugs sarika.

Shravani - maa Shouldn't say sorry to daughter's

Sarika smiles and shravani hugs Anurag also.

Mahir eyes search for Bela and dejected he asks sarika about her whereabouts.

To be continued...

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