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Chapter 31

Continuing from the last part...

The same night mahir was coming down passing from Shravani's room... He observes that her room door is slightly opened and she's talking to someone on call...

Shravani - (on call to someone) are you mad? I already paid you enough for telling that lie and now how can you demand more from me?.... Just shutup and remember you are not going to get anything more.... Enough Doctor, when I can come to this house as shravani I can do anything, you will receive the money tomorrow morning..

Call ends and mahir listens the whole the conversation.

Mahir's pov - shravani is talking to doctor? And she came to this house as shravani means she's isn't shravani.. (he remembers how shravani's Friend called her as Anu the day when Shravani came to Sehgal mansion on the day of behir's marriage).. she is Anu, not shravani... But I have to know the reason behind all this... But before all this I have to talk to Bela once and tell her about this

Pov ends.

Mahir goes down for dinner and shravani (Anu) also joins them soon.

Mahir - shravani eat this na.. this is good (serving her)

Shravani - thank you mahir

Mahir observes shravani eating and smirkes seeing her all fine as shravani has allergy from cashew and he wantedly served shravani the food having cashew in it.

Sumi - arre shravani why did you eat that? It has cashews in it

Shravani - yes maa I know.. I love cashews

UV - what? As far as what I remember you have allergy from cashews na

Shravani - umm... Yes I mean..

Shravani (Anu) fakes coughing and Sumi takes her to the room and make her sleep. But mahir was hell sure now that she's isn't shravani but Anu instead.

He goes to his room and sees the time 9pm.. he then calls Bela to talk to her about this but she doesn't answer. So mahir calls Sarika.

Sarika - hello beta

Mahir - maa I wanna talk to Bela but she isn't answering my call

Sarika - Bela isn't here beta.. she went to Delhi today with her childhood friend rocky

Mahir - what? Delhi?

Sarika - yes mahir.. she still loves you we couldn't see her depressed so I thought it would be change over for her if she go somewhere..

Mahir - can you give me rocky's number

Sarika - yes.. **********

Mahir - thank you maa

Mahir then calls rocky who answers in the second ring only.

Rocky - hello

Mahir - is this rocky?

Rocky - yes whose this?

Mahir - I'm mahir.. can I please talk to Bela once

Rocky - ohh hi.. but I don't think you really have to talk to her.. she's already depressed of...

Mahir - (interrupting) I know but this is really important to talk to her now..

Rocky - ok just a second

Rocky goes to bela's room and says it's mahir on the call.

Rocky - I think you have to talk Bela

Bela takes the phone to talk to mahir.

Bela - hello

Mahir - Bela I know you want to be far from me but please listen to me now.. the one who came as shravani to our house isn't your sister shravani, infact she's Anu.. I don't know why she disguised herself as shravani and came but I'm sure she's Anu only

Bela - enough mahir what are you talking? Are you trying to blame her? Like she clearly showed her reports of her surgery and moreover she was called Anu the time when she had memory loss

Mahir - Bela trust me I'm saying the trust

Bela - it's not about trust mahir.. I'm just saying you might have misunderstood something

Mahir - no Bela (mahir tells Bela everything what happened and the call she was talking to) believe me she's isn't shravani, she's Anu... Bela we have to find the reason behind this and before that I wanted to sort out everything between us.. I love you Bela

Bela - I love you too mahir (with tears falling from her eyes)... And we will expose her infront of everyone soon. You don't worry I'll come back to Mumbai tomorrow itself

Mahir - thank you Bela thank you so much

Bela - bye mahir

Mahir - bye

Call ends.

Mahir smiles as Bela understood the situation and on the other side Bela tells everything to rocky who assures her that they would go back to Mumbai tomorrow and he would help in exposing Anu soon.

To be continued...

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