The One For Me!

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Chapter 34

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir's pov - this is all because of me... if Bela is in this condition now, I'm the only one responsible... If I could realise Anu's true face before then my Bela wouldn't be in this condition now.

Pov ends.

After a while mahir goes near Bela and caresses her face and suddenly Bela starts breathing heavily. Mahir observes her struggling to breath and immediately calls the doctor. UV and Vish comes there listening to mahir.

He gets panicked and he starts pressing on her chest but of no use.. he takes the oxygen mask away from Bela and locks his lips with her giving her CPR. The doctor come and before he can check her she stops breathing and lies without any moment.

Dr - I'm sorry but she no...

Mahir - (interrupting) noo

Bela please get up Bela.. you can't leave me like this.. I'll do whatever you say but please open your eyes Bela

He keeps his head near her heart and cries badly while UV and Vish try to calm him. Mahir suddenly feels her heart beating and sees the machine and realises that Bela is breathing again. He again immediately gives her CRP to which Bela starts coughing.

Soon Bela feels comfortable and starts breathing properly. Bela slowly opens her eyes and sees mahir very close to her.

Mahir backs off and takes a deep breath seeing Bela fine and consious. The doctor comes and checks Bela.

Dr - congrats she's our of danger now.. but as I already told that her one hand and one leg is fractured she need extream care and rest until she recover completely.

Mahir - sure doctor thank you

Dr - she will be discharged in about two hours

Mahir - hm

Mahir sits beside Bela while UV and Vish go out to give privacy and Inform Sumi and Andy of Bela being fine now.

Mahir - are you fine?

Bela - hm don't worry

Mahir - is it paining too much?

Bela - mahir that's ok.. Haan it's little paining but that's fine, I'm ok now

Mahir - this is all because of me Bela

Bela - please mahir don't blame yourself... There isn't any mistake of your's

Mahir - but Bela...

Bela - now don't argue mahir... Umm did you eat anything from yesterday

Mahir - ....

Bela - I knew you wouldn't.. mahir now since I'm fine atleast now go eat something na

Mahir - no Bela I'm not gonna leave you like this

Bela - mahir I'm not alone.. UV and Vish will be there with me.. you please go and eat something

Mahir - but...

Bela - (interrupting) no more buts mahir.. just go and eat

Mahir - ok fine.. I'll go but please take care of yourself I'll call UV and Vish inside

Bela - ok

Mahir goes to have his breakfast while Vish and UV sits beside Bela, Bela slept due to the medicines.

After a while Bela is been discharged and mahir picks her in his arms and takes her to her room. He gives her medicines due to which Bela falls asleep soon.

In the night mahir comes to bela's room and feeds her dinner with his own hands while Bela just admires him seeing his love for her. He makes her sleep and he himself sits beside her and a lone tear escapes his eyes.

Mahir's pov - it's coz of me that Bela is in this condition now, but now after I'll make sure that she's always safe... I'm sorry Bela since the time you met me all you had is tears and nothing else but from today I promise that I'll make you smile..

Thinking of all that happened in the last few days I slowly lied beside Bela making sure that she isn't having any pain, I slowly drifts off into sleep.

Pov ends.

Bela's pov - next morning my sleep was disturbed with the sunrays falling on my face.. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in mahir's arms, he carefully wrapped his arm around me such that I don't have any pain due to it.. isn't he damm sweet? Yes he is!

I moved a little more close to him and gently pecked his forehead.. seeing him still sleeping I looked at his cute lips which are always pouted when he sleep, I gently pecked his lips too but my mahir is hell naughty as known, he pulled my upper lip and starts sucking it.. I too was missing him very badly since the last few days due to all those happening.. so we both poured the entire love and soon backed off due to lack of breath.

To be continued...

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