The One For Me!

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Chapter 35

Continuing from the last part...

Bela's pov - next morning my sleep was disturbed with the sunrays falling on my face.. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself in mahir's arms, he carefully wrapped his arm around me such that I don't have any pain due to it.. isn't he damm sweet? Yes he is!

I moved a little more close to him and gently pecked his forehead.. seeing him still sleeping I looked at him cute lips which are always pouted when he sleep, I gently pecked his lips too but my mahir is hell naughty as known, he pulled my upper lip and starts sucking it.. I too was missing him very badly since the last few days due to all those happening.. so we both poured the entire love in a smooth yet passionate kiss and soon backed off due to lack of breath.

Pov ends.

Mahir - taking advantage of me sleeping?

Bela - I don't need to advantage of anything... You are already mine and hence I have complete rights on you

Mahir - Accha? We still ar'nt married my to be wife

Bela - I know but I guess you forgot that our first night is done

Bela then realises what she said and bends her eyes in shyness..

Mahir - don't blush this much or else I wouldn't be able to control

Bela - mahir! (Fake glaring).. Accha fine help me to get ready

Mahir - yeah wait!

Mahir helps Bela and he himself gets ready and brings breakfast for Bela.. they both have together.

Like this a month pass by and bela's condition gets better day by day only because of mahir's care and love. Dr comes to check Bela frequently as insisted by mahir and today Dr told that Bela is completely fit and fine.

Mahir hugs Bela and kisses on her cheek in happiness forgetting that everyone are present there including the Dr. The Dr smiles and leaves while Uv clears his throat to gain attention making mahir realise what he did while Bela bends her eyes due to shyness.

Mahir - maa since Bela is fine we wanna marry as soon as possible

Vish - ji jiju.. I knew you would say this only so I already asked maa to talk to pandit ji

UV - Haan bhai, infact he told that after two days we can keep your marriage

Mahir - then fine we will marry then only.. (to Vish) and Vish this time you are not gonna do anything, you need to take rest as it's your three months pregnancy

Vish - jiju it's third month but not ninth.. I still can do little work.. and moreover how can I sit idle on my sister's wedding? (She winks looking at Bela)

Bela smiles wide and hugs Vish feeling happy that she addressed her as her sister.

Soon a day pass by and now it's the night before behir's marriage.

Mahir is in his room feeling restless seeing the night being too long.. he gets a naughty idea and slowly made his way to bela's room. He finds the door open so he goes inside and sees Bela sleeping peacefully like a cute baby hugging her teddy bear.

He slowly walks near her and goes to the other side of the bed and takes the teddy away and sleep in place of the teddy hugging Bela. Bela snuggles more into him and smiles.

Bela - this is bad manners coming into a girl's room before your wedding day

Mahir - (surprised as he thought she slept) dint you sleep?

Bela - I can feel your presence mahir (hugging more tightly)

Mahir - aww my baby.. and moreover I have all rights to come to your room whenever I want

Bela - now who said you don't have? After all I'm all your's, and you are all mine (hiding her face in his chest)

Mahir - Acha ji?

Bela - Haan ji.... but mahir you need to go, if Sumi maa or anyone else find you here with me tomorrow morning then that's it

Mahir - no worries baby, I'll leave even before they come

Bela - fine your wish.. and if they see the fault is yours.. now I'm dam sleepy, I know you won't let me sleep tomorrow so alteast now do not disturb.. good night baby

Mahir smiles listening baby from her and slightly blushes too realising that Bela will be his officially from tomorrow.. he cuddles into her and both sleep peacefully..

To be continued..

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