The One For Me!

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Chapter 36

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir smiles listening baby from her and slightly blushes too realising that Bela will be his officially his from tomorrow.. he cuddles into her and both sleep peacefully..

Next morning mahir wakesup to see the most beautiful thing in front of him, his love Bela is completely on top of him hiding her face near his chest.. he looks at her cute face and adores her while he hear someone knocking the door.. but since he was busy admiring Bela he dint pay much attention to it, but when the knock was heard continuosly he gets irritated and says "coming" loudly.

Really hits him hard when he realises the fact that he's in Bela's room.

It was Sumi near the door and was surprised listening mahir voice from Bela's room, she confirmed it once that she was at Bela's room only and slowly opened the door.. she saw Bela completely on top of mahir, and mahir who's trying to come out of bela's hold listening to the knock.

Sumi - mahir!

Mahir - maa! I..

Sumi - what are doing in bela's room?

Mahir - maa actually Bela...

Mahir sees that Bela is moving a little due to the disturbances and she slowly opens her eyes.. Bela sees mahir sitting on the bed looking at her weirdly..

Bela - mahir! Why are you looking like that?

Mahir - (ignoring her question) maa Bela only asked me to come to her room yesterday

Bela then looks the other side and finds Sumi standing with her hands folded waiting for an answer.. Bela looks at her being shocked..

Bela - no maa mahir is lying.. he only came yesterday to my room saying he's not able to sleep, I even told him that you will scold but he dint listen maa

Mahir - no maa Bela is only lying.. I came here coz she insisted me to!

Bela - mahir enough is enough now.. don't even try to put the blame on me, dint I tell you yesterday itself that you are only gonna face this if maa see's?

Mahir - Bela I..

Sumi - (interrupting) mahir! Bela!..

I know it's mahir only who came here, I know about my Bela

Mahir - Acha let me remind you if you forget I'm your son, Bela is not your daughter

Sumi - not an issue.. I still trust her more than you, specially in these issues

Mahir - not fair maa!

Sumi - everything is fair in love and wait mahir! (Smirking)

Sumi smiles seeing them and leaves telling them to be ready on time. After Sumi leaves mahir looks at Bela who is already looking at him, or can say glaring at him.

Bela - how dare you mahir? How could you even say that I called you to my room yesterday?

Mahir - ohh! Common Bela.. with my mouth 😂

Bela - mahir!

Bela takes a pillow and throws it on him while he also does the same. This soon turns into a funny fight but dint take much time for it to turn into there romance..

Mahir starts nuzzling Bela's neck and her soft moans makes mahir go more crazy.. they lost their balance and fall on the bed with Bela on the bed and mahir on top of her.. there job disturbs when they hear a knock at the door making them realise that they have to get ready for there marriage.

They both get up and Bela go to open the door while mahir hides behind the door.. Bela sees Vish and asks her to come in, while Vish is shooting her questions of why isn't she ready yet, mahir slowly escapes back to his room.

Vish helps Bela in getting ready and likewise UV helps in mahir needs.. soon both our bride and groom are ready with a beautiful smile on there face knowing the fact that they would be marring there love after all the hurdles.

Mahir's pov - I was already sitting near the mandap and my eyes were automatically stuck near the stairs waiting for my Bela to come.. that's when Vish brings her down and must admit she's looking heavenly beautiful in this bridal attire.. I was just starting at her and there my Bela is blushing looking at me..

I came out from my lala world and that's when I realized that Bela is wearing shravani's lehanga which she wore during our wedding, but why is Bela wearing it? I looked at her and she smiled as if understanding that I have just noticed it.. she blinks her eyes assuring me and I understood that it's Bela's choice to wear shravani lehanga..

Pov ends.

To be continued..

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