The One For Me!

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Chapter 4

Continuing from the last part..

Flashback continues..

Shravani - what were you seeing?

Mahir - actually.. I

Shravani - I like those who are bold..but you doesn't look such. I know you were staring me...

Shravani smiles and leaves from there not giving mahir a chance to speak anything. Mahir too smiles rubbing his hand on his hair.

Mahir - Maya I want shravani's number

Maya - I thought you would ask this (smirking)

Maya gives shravani's number to mahir who immediately notes it down.


Next day morning everyone are having breakfast.

Mahir - ok maa I have to go.. bye

Sumi - wait mahir.. Bela is feeling bored in home so take her also to the office na

Mahir - but maa..

Bela - please.. (with a cute pout)

Mahir remembers how shravani always used to keep cute pout whenever she wants something from mahir.

Mahir - ok come

Bela - Thank you

Mahir along with Bela goes to the office and Bela follows mahir to his cabin.

Mahir - I have work now.. what will you do

Bela - I'll see you (whispering)

Mahir - did you say anything?

Bela - no! I..I'll just sit here

Mahir - ok

Mahir was doing his work while Bela was just looking at him. After a while there's a knock at mahir's cabin door. There comes mahir's P.A Rakesh.

Rakesh - sir the one who have to prepare the presentation today is on leave due to her parent death

Mahir - what? Ok fine.. appoint someother to do it fast, make it fast as we have the meeting in the afternoon

Bela - I can do the presentation

Mahir - what?

Bela - what is so shocking in this? I'll do the presentation..

Mahir - are you sure Bela?

Bela - yes mahir... you give me the files I'll do it

Mahir - yeah sure

Mahir gives Bela some files and gives her a separate cabin to work, Bela immediately starts working.

After two hours..

Mahir's pov - would Bela be able to complete it before time? There's only 30 minutes for the investors to come.

Mahir calls Rakesh to come to his cabin.

Rakesh - yes sir

Mahir - check how much time does Bela need to complete?

Bela - no need.. it's done!

Mahir - so fast ?

Bela - yeah I'm too fast at work 😉

Mahir - great and thank you Bela

Bela smiles and comes towards mahir.

Bela - why don't you smile? It suits you.. you should smile often... well can we be friends?

Mahir - sure (smiles)

Later mahir and Bela attend the meeting and Bela herself explains everything to the investors who immediately accepted to invest in there company.

Mahir - thanks Bela! It's only because of you we got the deal today

Bela - you just said we are friends and now you are thanking me? Not fair Mr. Mahir Sehgal

Mahir - ok ok no thanks no sorry.. ok?

Bela - yeah... well, shall we go for a coffee?

Mahir - (thinks for a while) um.. ok sure!

Bela and mahir reach a coffee shop near by and they place there order.

Bela and mahir gossip for some time while mahir feels very comfortable with bela but he doesn't understand why.

Bela - mahir can I ask you something?

Mahir - yeah sure Bela

Bela - why are you such a workaholic mahir? Its been just two days I came to your house but all I saw is you working or being in your room, why don't you come out and spend some time with your family?

Mahir's pov - little does she know why my life is like this! How will she know that I lost my wife whome I loved and cared the most, how can she know that looking at her reminds me of shravani always.


After Mahir met shravani he's completely lost in her so he would ask Maya about when Shravani would come to the orphanage and would go to see her. He always tried to talk to her but something used to stop him from doing so.

Like this one fine day in orphanage mahir gathers all the guts and comes to Shravani.

Mahir - hi Shravani

Shravani - so finally you could gather the guts to talk to me? I already told you na I like brave persons

Mahir - yaah that's why I would like to take you my house

Shravani - really?

Mahir - yaah! Any problem?

Shravani - no, I'm ready

Mahir - achha? Seems like you are too desperate than me

Shravani - shall we go?

To be continued....

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