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Chapter 42

Continuing from the last part...

Bela - I knew this idea of mine would surely work to wake you up

Mahir - yeah that's true but you shouldn't have left so soon

Bela - even I don't want to.. but even you know very well that if we don't stop now where things might lead to.. (blushing)

Mahir - Acha don't blush too much na.. won't at all be able to control my harmones

Bela - enough of flirting with your wife.. now shall we go back home? Rain has also stopped

Mahir - yeah come.. we need to reach fast, I'm worried about maa

Bela - hmm

Mahir woke his shirt and soon they find out the way from the forest.. they sit in the car and mahir immediately drove to Sehgal's mansion. As soon as they went inside Sumi comes and hugs both of them being worried about them... She backs off and cups there faces..

Sumi - where were you both? The call was also not connecting

Mahir tells Sumi everything what happened..

Sumi - oh god! You both are now fine na?

Bela - Haan maa we are fine

Mahir - maa what's the matter? You wanted to say something na.. is everything alright?

Sumi - yeah but you both first go and fresh up.. we will talk peacefully

Mahir - but maa

Sumi - it's ok mahir.. go and fresh up

Mahir noddes his head and both went to there room.. Bela goes to the washroom while mahir goes to the guest room and gets freshen up.. they soon come down and sees some person sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Bela - you?

Sumi looks at Bela shocked as she identified the person..

Mahir - do you know him Bela?

Bela - Haan mahir


A Few days back when Bela is coming back home from the grocery shop she dashes someone making her stuff fall down.. she looks at the person and finds him weird but ignoring she picks her belongings, that man too bends down to help her and try catching bela's hands to which Bela immediately jerked.. she quickly took her things and went back home.

Flashback ends.

Person - yeah I thought you wouldn't recognize me.. not bad Miss. Bela

Bela - Ms. Bela Mahir Sehgal

Person - whatever.. by the way I'm Vyom

Bela rolls off her eyes while mahir understands that she dint like his presence..

Mahir - but maa who is he?

Vyom - let me tell you myself Mr. Mahir.. I'm the new investor in you company.. and since your dad Mr. Andy Sehgal had insisted me, I'm gonna stay here for a couple of months

Mahir - oh that's great.. but dad didn't inform me anything as such

Sumi - mahir.. Andy informed me and that's why I called you being a little tensed as you both weren't at home

Mahir - oh that's ok maa.. (to vyom) please come I'll show you the guest room

Vyom - no thanks.. I have made myself comfortable

Mahir smiles and he leave to there room with Bela.

Mahir - Bela!

Bela - ji!

Mahir - didn't you like him?

Bela - who? Vyom?

Mahir - yeah you seems uncomfortable with him

Bela - yes that's true... I seriously dint like him when I met him before itself, he seems weird and... I don't know mahir I just don't like his presence

Mahir - Bela..

Bela - I'm sorry.. I know he's our investor now.. may be I shouldn't judge him like this

Mahir - that's ok Bela.. everyone have there own opinions towards everyone.. if you don't like him then just stay far from him

Bela - hmm

Next day morning Bela was in the kitchen preparing breakfast for everyone while someone comes and keeps there hand on her shoulder.. she looks at that person and gets angry but composes herself and speaksup..

Bela - do you need something vyom ji?

Vyom - no I just came for you

Bela - what?

Vyom - yes.. I mean to help you

Bela - I don't need your help.. thank you

Vyom smirkes at her and comes close to her and smells her neck.. Bela feels his closeness and immediately jerks away from him..

Bela - what's wrong with you?

Vyom - um.. nice perfume Bela

Bela got irritated by his acts and decided to go and turns to leave but vyom holds her hand, just then mahir who is coming for breakfast from his room sees vyom holding Bela's hand..

To be continued...

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