The One For Me!

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Chapter 45

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir made Bela sleep and he too slept beside her thinking about all these. He woke up after an hour and sees Bela still sleeping. He made her lie properly and went out of there room.. he was going down while his eyes fall on vyom's phone on his bed in his room, mahir realised that vyom isn't in his room but left his phone. He goes inside to get some clue about juhi but as soon as he open the phone he gets shocked. He sees vyom's and Anu's pic as his wallpaper. Mahir then understands that this is all happening because of Anu.

Mahir heard some foot steps sound so he hide near the other side of the bed, while vyom comes to his room. Without knowing about mahir's presence he picks the call he received now by Anu. He sits on the other side of the bed taking to Anu.

Vyom - don't worry Anu I already made misunderstandings between Bela and mahir...

Yes juhi is still with me only and will be there until things sort out here...

Ok you take care, I'm still trying to get you out from the jail but this mahir have even more connections with people...

You don't worry Anu, your brother is there for you...

Ok take care, bye

Vyom cuts the call.. and mahir understands that vyom is Anu's brother and came as an investor only to separate Bela and mahir. Vyom takes his phone and leaves from there while mahir also follows him.

Vyom goes to an old factory, and mahir follows him there.. seeing the place mahir was sure that juhi is here only.

Mahir's pov - vyom went inside and I saw him ordering something to the goons there.. he stayed there for sometime and went back home, I took this as the right time and I went inside searching for juhi.. I don't know how she looks but I think only she will be here. I reached a room and there I found a girl tied up with roped and was unconscious. I was sure this is juhi, I went there and tried to wake her up and to my luck she slowly opened her eyes.

She was scared looking at me.. I calmed her saying that I'm mahir, and she instantly stayed silent. I think she knows me, Bela might have told her. I made her stand and we both managed to come out but not so easily.. some of them saw us and came towards me. I made juhi sit aside and I started fighting with them, I made sure no one comes near juhi coz as promised to Bela she's my responsibility now.

I took her and made her sit in the car and we directly drove to out house. Without anyone's notice I took juhi to our room, I didn't see Bela there.. I was worried for her now. I asked juhi to stay here only and not to come out, I closed the door and went out to search for her.. as I was passing vyom's room I heard some weird sounds. This made be cautious, is Bela inside? I tried opening the door but it was locked. Now I'm more tensed, I tried breaking the door and I was successful in it.

What I saw was enough to bring tears in my eyes and also to raise my anger. Bela was lying on the bed while vyom was on top of her trying to force Bela, I could even see bela's saree pallu wasn't proper. I immediately ran towards him and pulled him and started punching on his face. I went to Bela and helped her stand and she set her saree properly.. I again went to vyom and was beating him to death.

Listening to the sounds UV, Vish and everyone comes and sees me beating up vyom.. UV tried to stopped me but I glared at him making him back off. I shouted "Call the police UV" and he immediately dialed the number.

Soon the police come and I told him everything vyom did and even juhi came and told them everything she knows. The police then arrest vyom and took him with them. I turned towards Bela and I saw her sobbing softly, I immediately went to her and pulled her completely in my arms and unable to control she burst out and kept crying in my embrace. Soon she calmed down and backs off and looked into my eyes.

To be continued...

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