The One For Me!

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Chapter 5

Continuing from the last part...

Flashback continues...

Mahir takes Shravani to his house and calls Sumi.

Sumi - mahir who is she?

Mahir - maa she's shravani, I want to marry her

Shravani looks at him shocked.

Sumi - shravani come here

Shravani - hi aunty

Sumi - aunty? Call me maa beta!

Shravani - ji maa

Sumi - mahir I trust your choise! I liked shravani

Mahir - thank you maa

Andy - yes mahir even I liked her, she's the best choise for you

Sumi - Accha go and spend some time together

Sumi and Andy leaves from there and mahir takes shravani to the garden.

Shravani - what's this mahir ji? How could you do this, how can you marry me without even asking me a word?

Mahir - if you don't like you could have denied it before only

Shravani - don't divert the topic.. tell me what's all this, you should have asked me before doing such

Mahir - ok fine now I'll tell... I don't know what's this feeling but I feel nice when I'm with you, I always want to be with you and I know even you feel the same so I just wanted to give you a surprise. If this feeling is called love then I love you shravani!

Shravani - love? From when? We dint even speak properly before and how do you think we can live happily after marrying?

Mahir - I feel you are THE ONE FOR ME!... But wait wait... Did you say marriage? That means you are ready to marry me?

Shravani bends her eyes in shyness and then looks into mahir's eyes.

Shravani without speaking anything hugs mahir keeping her head on his chest, mahir keeps his one hand on her head and another on her waist. He kisses on her hair while shravani backs off.

Shravani - mahir I don't know what I feel but I like when you keep staring at me🤭.. I feel you are that one person who can complete me. I don't know if I'm doing right or wrong but I trust you and I just wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I love you too mahir

Mahir - I can't wait more shravani! Let's get married as soon as possible

Shravani - what's so hurry in it?

Mahir - um..

Shravani - see I'm not so interested in our first night, so stop thinking about all those

Mahir - what? Ok fine never mind.. once we are married then automatically you will have to..

Shravani - (slightly hitting on his chest) mahir! Shut up

Mahir - shirt up? I'm too shy to remove here baby... if you want we can go to the room

Shravani - (glaring) mahir! Stop teasing me this much

Mahir - ok madam as you say

Shravani giggles.


Bela - oyy mahir! What are you thinking?

Mahir - umm.. nothing, shall we go?

Bela - hm ok

Bela and mahir reach Sehgal's mansion.

Sumi - Mahir how did the meeting go on?

Mahir - it went on good maa and that's only because of Bela

Sumi - Bela?

Mahir - Haan maa

Mahir tells Sumi everything and how Bela did the presentation.

Sumi - arre wah Bela!

Sumi hugs Bela.

Bela - Sumi aunty I'm tired, I'll freshen up and come

Sumi - ok beta, I'll send the dinner to your room only

Bela - ji aunty, thank you

Bela leaves to her room.

Sumi - mahir are you sure this is not shravani?

Mahir - I don't know maa, but her actions and the way she is always reminds me of shravani

Sumi - yes mahir even I feel the same, try to find out more about Bela and shravani... I just wish she is shravani only (caresses his face)

Other side Bela takes a shower with hot water and comes out, she goes and sits on the bed and picks up her phone. Just then mahir knocks her door.

Bela - come!

Mahir - hi Bela

Bela - mahir you?

Mahir - maa sent you your dinner

Bela - arre mahir, why did you come for this? Aunty could have sent any servent for that na

Mahir - why, shouldn't i come?

Bela - no no I didn't mean that.. come sit

Mahir goes inside and sits beside Bela.

To be continued...

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