The One For Me!

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Chapter 8

Continuing from the last part...

Mahir smiles while Bela soon completes eating.

Mahir - will you listen now?

Bela - I don't want to...

Bela gets up from the bed and starts moving but mahir holds her hand and pulls her, due to the force Bela falls on mahir and mahir falls on bed.

(Position - mahir on bed and Bela on top of him, mahir's both hands on her waist while Bela's hands on his chest).

They both share an intense eye lock, mahir comes to his sense and shooks his head. Bela also then realises there position and immediately gets up and stands, she then gives her hand for him to get up and mahir also stands up.

Mahir - I..I'm sorry, I didn't mean

Bela - it's ok

Mahir - ok listen, actually I came to your room yesterday to take my phone which I forgot when I came to give your dinner.


Mahir then observed that AC was not working in bela's room and she was feeling uncomfortable to sleep. So he without disturbing her sleep picked Bela in his arms and make her sleep in his room.

Then mahir went to the study room, he takes out shravani's pic and caresses it. He takes a alcohol bottle and starts drinking, he completes the whole bottle and goes to his room in half conscious. As he's not in his senses he forgets about bela being in his room and lies beside her and sleeps Hugging her.

Flashback ends.

Mahir - I'm sorry

Bela - I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have reacted so much

Mahir - no no I'm sorry...

Bela - ok fine! Enough of sorry sessions

Mahir smiles to which Bela too laughs.

In the evening mahir was sitting in the hall taking to one of his client. Just then someone knocks the main door and walk inside.

Mahir - pratham!

Pratham - hi mahir bhai

Mahir - arre Bhai now you remember me?

Pratham - I'm sorry mahir! Actually I was busy with the preparations

Mahir - preparations?

Pratham - yes mahir, I'm here to invite you all for my wedding with suhani

Mahir - marriage? You dint even infrom anything

Pratham - sorry Bhai.. it just all happened so fast so couldn't get time to tell anyone

Mahir - ohh it's ok Yaar

Pratham - so you should definitely come mahir, where is Sumi maa and dad?

Mahir - mom and dad went out today, I'll inform them

Pratham - ok Bhai.. don't forget it's tomorrow only.. I'll make a move now

Mahir - ok Bhai

Pratham leaves and mahir goes to his room and sits on his bed.


After Mahir confessed his love for shravani they often used to go for dates and meet eachother in the orphanage or at mahir's home.

One such day shravani and mahir were walking on the road, actually in a complete isolated road.

Mahir - shravani!

Shravani - hmm

Mahir - shravani!

Shravani - I can listen, tell

Mahir - I wanna kiss you

Shravani - mahir I told you na, anything after marriage only.. I can only accept for a kissie

Mahir - arre yaar! What's the problem? We are anyhow soon gonna get married

Shravani - that's what! We are soon gonna get married, so can't you wait?

Mahir - Accha fina, I any how can't win an argument with you. Don't worry I won't do anything without your acceptance

Shravani - that's why I love you the most! You understand me like nobody else

Saying this shravani kisses on his cheek to which mahir blushes.

Shravani - hayye! I never knew that the great Mahir Sehgal can also blush

Mahir - Acha ji?

Shravani - Haan ji

Mahir starts tickling her while she tries to get rid of him. Just then mahir receives a call from Sumi.

Mahir - Haan maa, tell

Sumi - where are you mahir?

Mahir - I'm with shravani! Is there anything important

Sumi - Haan mahir very important

Mahir - maa is everything alright?

Sumi - haan beta everything is fine.. you just take shravani and come fast

Mahir - ji maa

Call ends.

Shravani - what happened?

Mahir - I don't know, maa asked us to come home immediately

Shravani - ok let's go!

Shravani and mahir goes to Sehgal's mansion, Sumi sees them and comes near them.

Sumi - why did you take too long? I was waiting for you

Mahir - actually maa there was a lot of traffic

Sumi - Accha it's ok, come

To be continued..

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