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No it's not... " Why is this body's mind so messed up??" "Whatever the situation I know I can handle it with my beauty and brains. Hahaha... " "Is your brain made up of cotton candy? Can't you even think before you act? *chuckles*" "how dare you see a man bathing! Are you out of your mind?" " Rare sight for eyes. Bless me lord " "lady! don't fall I won't catch you *chuckle*" "what's wrong with these people? I might punish them if it's not for their godly faces!!!" _____________ *Might consist scenes inappropriate for children. Read at your own discretion. *

Romance / Fantasy
Ansera Demetra
Age Rating:


"Why is life so hard?"

"Why does everyone hate me?"

"Is it my fault that I was born?"

"Only death can bring me a peaceful afterlife. "

"Or is it that I'm not allowed in heaven too...."


He whispered in my ears "I like you. Why don't you like me back? "


"What in the world! Where am I? "

Haha. I must have fainted... Possibily dreaming.

"Or not? "


This is my first story...

So please don't mind my English... ;-;

I'll do my best. So please cheer me ^_^

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