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Unspoken Love

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Chapter 2

Continuing from the last part..

Bela :

Shrugging my thoughts we moved towards the exit but Anu called me from behind, I turned listening to her and then, there happened something which increased my heart beat all of a sudden..

Mahir :

I came to Mumbai today after almost a month, dad manages the Mumbai branch of our business while I handle the Delhi branch staying in a flat there. Mom was missing me, so this time I couldn't deny her request. I feel nice to be with our family and when my parents are super cool I don't hesitate to share anything with them.

Two days back I got a call from my mom stating that it's high time that I get married as I'm 27 now, these words of her indeed made me smile.. actually it's blush. UV, my sweet and naughty younger brother dint leave this chance to tease me. Well! He's just an year younger to me and that makes us more close to eachother. Coming back to my life partner, I really want to experience what love is! Apart from a small crush in my schooling I have never loved anyone before.

Now it's already 3pm and I'm on the way home when I received a call from my best buddy Vyom, I received it with a smile..

"Bhai where are you", asked vyom being excited to meet me

"Bhai I just reached Mumbai.. basically will reach home in some time", I said casually

"What the hell! Mahir, you are not going home till you meet me", he said ordering me

"Arre vyom! Why not you come home?", I asked even when I knew he wouldn't accept

"No means no.. I'm in the cafe near your house, come soon I'm waiting here", he informed me

"Ok baba I'm near only.. will be there in five minutes", I said

I soon reached the place and vyom came smiling to me.. he hugged me and we both went and sat. We placed our order and were gossiping casually and suddenly I felt something strange.. I didn't understand what this feeling is but I feel new and felt like something very good is gonna happen soon.

Vyom snapped his fingers infront of me seeing me being lost somewhere. I came back from all those thoughts and again started to talk to him. I then received a call from UV.

"Bhai don't tell me that you are with vyom instead of coming home", he asked me as soon a I answered the call

"Yes I'm with vyom... But what happened to you?", I asked being confused with his words

"Bhai how could you? We had a bet where I said you would come home first and now what you did?", UV said frowning at me and I saw vyom laughing loud

"Umm.. I didn't know this, anyhow I'm on the way UV.. I'll be in home soon", I said cutting the call

"Is this a kind of dare?", I asked vyom being annoyed at a stupid dare these both made

He laughed without answering my question. I got up to go home but I stopped seeing someone coming through the entrance. Two girls were coming in and my eyes were stuck on one girl there. I don't know anything about her, infact this is the first time I'm seeing her but I feel a strange connection with her. I sat back in my place and vyom cought me staring at her. He fake coughed to gain my attention.. feeling embarrassed I forcefully turned my eyes from her.

"Beautiful, isn't it?", Asked vyom smirking at me

"Yes.. cute also", I replied being in half conscious

Then I realized what I said and saw a giggling vyom in from of me.

"Bhai you are finally in love, that too it's love at first sight, right?', vyom said full set to tease me now

"C'mon it isn't love vyom, I.. I just liked her", I told him but I myself have no idea what I actually feel for her

There comes another girl and closes her eyes behind, I heard her calling her as Bela.. so finally I got to know her name, she's bela.. nice name I thought

She stood up to leave after sometime and really want to talk to her.. but what should I do? I went behind her and just then one of her friend called her from behind and she immediately turned around.

Bela :

(Ignore the dress and the background)

I was standing right infront of some guy, he was very close to me sending goosebumps all over my body. This was the first time I was this close to any guy expect for my dad and my cousin brothers.. I didn't understand what he was doing but I couldn't even tell a single word seeing him too close to me. I somehow managed to and moved a step back and that's when even he came to his sence and moved back a little..

"I'm sorry.. I didn't see you", this is all I could manage to speak out

"No! I'm sorry, it was my mistake", he said looking straight into my eyes

"Mahir.. Mahir Sehgal", he spoke out after a pause extending his hand for a shakehand

"Bela.. Bela Sharma", I said shookking my hand with his

I took my hand away and signed Vish to leave, and we three left from there. But I heard him calling me so I turned back.

"Happy birthday Bela", mahir said while extending his hand

"Thank you, but how do you know about it?", I asked him shaking my hand being confused

"Umm.. sorry but I heard when she was wishing you", he said indicating Anu

"Hmm", this is all I could manage to say then

I felt it weird but I really don't wanna think more about this, but as soon as I turned a wide smile crept on my face, god knows what's wrong with me now but I like this feeling.. I sat in the car while Vish was driving.. I looked at him once before we leave and he passed a cute wide smile seeing me and I don't know when I too smiled back.

Mahir :

I didn't expect her to turn at that moment, I was scared if she would take me wrong.. she was infact nervous seeing me very close to her. I enjoyed seeing my effect on her, she moved back a step and realising her discomfort I too moved back.. she spoke to me saying sorry, damm! Her voice thought, omg felt like I can spend my whole life listening to her. This is first time I'm too this close to any girl and she looks more pretty from close.

I don't know why but I feel attracted towards her. Her touch made me go weak on knees.. oh god! This girl is changing me. She was leaving now and I badly wanna know more about her, but how? She firstly went nervous for what happened now and now if I ask her about details them she would be scared for sure. Apart from all these the smile she gave at the last was the best.. now I'm smiling to myself like an idiot and I could sense vyom staring at me being shocked..

"What are you looking at?", I asked him being annoyed

"Omg mahir! You are seriously in love.. finally you love someone, you actually love her Bhai", he said in excitement

Do I really love her? I don't know, I don't want to know also, coz I'm enjoying this confusion. If Bela is actually written in my fate then I'll surely meet her again, if not then she's just a passing cloud in my life.

We both went home and mom came and hugged me, dad was in the office and would come in the night only. UV came from his room and his face was glowing looking at me.. oh my little brother loves me a lot. He came and hugged me tightly showing how much he too missed me. Mom prepared my favourite items which I could smell, so not wasting time I quickly got freshen up and sat to eat my dinner, thought I wasn't hungry I ate unable to resist seeing my favourite dishes.

Bela :

As told by mom I reached home by 8pm and Vish went back to her home after dropping me. I ate my dinner and went to my room, I don't know why but I wanted to spend some time alone with myself. It's been a few hours already that I met mahir, not actually met I just saw him.. but he's not at all going from my mind. I'm trying not to think about his but I don't know why he is again and again coming in my mind.

I opened my laptop to distract my mind.. not actually, coz I really have to do a presentation for tomorrow's meeting. My boss asked me to do the presentation for the meeting tomorrow with Trinity Industries, I hate Mondays coz after a fun filled sunday I dont feel like going to office again.

Completing the presentation in an hour or so, I looked at the time and realized it's just 10:30pm, I wasn't sleepy but decided to sleep as I have to wakeup quite early tomorrow.

To be continued...

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