It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 9

A year ago on a warm evening.

After paying for the items, I exited the shop. It was like half an hour ago when I realized I was out of pens. So like anyone else, I got out of my home and made my way to the nearby shop. The sun was already setting and people were returning home after their works.

I was mesmerized by the beautiful view of the sky above me. How come I never noticed it before? The beautiful combination of red, yellow and orange textures in the sky made the evening beautiful. Wish I had a camera with me!

I was walking along the side lines when I saw her. Talaih. My neighbor (if you can call a person who lives a block away as your ‘neighbor’) and my bestfriend who somehow became my senior just because of the fact that she was born like 8 months before me. She had long brown hair with for some reason, she always put in a bun.

Somehow she spotted me too. The way she waved at me proved that.

Waving back, I made my way towards her.


“Hi. What are you doing here?” She asked me.

“Oh, To buy pen.”

“I see.”

“Back from your tuition?” I asked her while eyeing her shoulder bag. Stretching her arms over her head, Taliah replied. “Yeah. God I just want to go home.”

“Sure, let’s go back together.”

“Great idea.” We were about to start walking when someone called out Taliah.

“Tal! You forgot your book”

We both turned to see, Keira along with a few more students.

“Oh. Wait, here I am going to get that.” I nodded. While she was going towards the group, some boy stepped out of the building and headed towards the group as well. Because it was getting dark, I couldn’t see his face clearly.

After saying something to them, Taliah made her way towards me. “Let’s go?”

“Let’s go.”

We were half way to our house when Taliah asked me a question out of no where.

“Remember me telling about a ‘Maximus’?”

“Maximus?” For a moment, I thought what the hell was she saying when it hit me.

“Oh, the ‘maximus’ guy huh? What was his name again?” You see, everyday we have a small catch up and both of us will be busy spilling out all our class details. In her case, it was always this Maximus guy.

“Max Richardson.”

“Hmm. So what about him?”

“Did you notice a guy stepping out of the building while I was meeting the group?”

“I did. Why?”

“Because, that’s who this Max is.”

“That’s Max?”

“Yeah he is.”

For some odd reason, that day I felt a little bit disappointed because I couldn’t see his face.


It was nothing special but that was the chapter.

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