It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 10: Miley

“Eh? So you’re saying that you knew about him for a year?”

It is our 10 minutes break right now. So both me and Mel are standing outside while leaning against the railings.

“Years to be exact. As I said Taliah always told me about Max but it was a year ago when I finally got to see him.”

“Hmm.” I said while turning my attention downwards to the ground where all the students were roaming around. Wrong move. That Alex had to be there right then and I happened to be glancing down when that dork lifted his head up. He probably thought I was ogling at him.

As a reply, a hard glare was sent to my direction. Yeah. He thought exactly what I thought he will think. I inwardly groaned and turned my attention back to Mel but I could still feel holes burning through my head because of the glare sent by the only person who hates me the greatest in this whole wide world. Who knows there might be people who hates me even more than him. Why would they do that? I never caused harm to no one but me.

“That explains why you felt bad for not smiling back at that guy.”

She sent me a questioning look. A look that told me to ‘explain’.

Because we had nothing else to do, we both started the latest trending topic between us; Maximus, er, I mean, Max. Don’t get me wrong, I find that name pretty interesting. Even she finds it pretty hilarious. Between our talk I was constantly glancing down just to make sure Alex and his crew was nowhere in sight. You see, Alex is usually a friendly guy but get on his bad side and you’ll regret it. Unluckily, I am no:1 in his list. When I noticed he was nowhere in sight, I released a deep breath which I didn’t know I was holding until now.

“Now when our talk is over, shall we go down?” I asked Melody who was deep in her thought. On hearing my question, she immediately glanced down and then raised an eyebrow in my direction.

“Yeah we shall. Who knows Mr. Rude may appear out of nowhere?” That earned a hearty laugh from me. Mr. Rude was our new found name for Alex. Reason, I think I’ve already mentioned it.

We made our way towards the stairs which was two room away. The classes next to the stairs were of our senior fellows who will be there for only one more year. While passing through the corridor, some how both of us were keeping our eyes fixed on that one particular classroom. Me, being more attentive to the ground and Mel, not removing her eyes form the class. That is responsible for what happened next. She opened her mouth to ask me a question but couldn’t complete it.

“The not smiling thing, what did you mean by tha-”

Then she bumped into someone.

And that someone just turned out to be her man.

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