It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 12: Miley

“But he that dares not grasp the thorn. Should never crave the rose.” – Anne Bronte

I knew this was coming. Damn you Max, why’d you have to smile at her like that? I am the one who’s suffering over here!

“Oh my god! Did you see that? He smiled at me! He smiled!” Facepalming, I narrowed my eyes at my friend. “For nth time, Mel. Chill! I am tired of hearing this. It’s been 2 month for heaven’s sake!”

Yes. Its been 2 damn month since that Max guys smiled and this girl over here has not placed her feet on the ground yet.

Max is the only subject that comes into her mind while topic. Talk about lunch and Max comes out of nowhere. Talk about movie, and again, there comes Max. Honestly I am tired of this.

Right now we both were walking through the corridors talking about the upcoming spots competition when again, she came up with Max. I swear, if she says that name once again, I will choke her to death! Hey I am serious!

Have I gone mad? Well, technically you had your screw loose since birth.

Wow! My conscience happened to be more sarcastic than I am.

“I’ve heard that Max is the best runner from their class. Isn’t it awesome?”

He better be, ’cause if she doesn’t stop talking about him, he is in a very deep trouble.

“Yeah yeah. It’s very awesome indeed.” I replied dryly.

“And Taliah told me that he even won a gold medal in high jump!”

God, is there no end for this?

My eyes wandered around. I wonder why I didn’t ran the other way. Why? Because there he was, Alex George, with his group, coming from the same direction where we were heading. Our eyes met and he scowled while I diverted my eyes. Who knew I was going to see something way more interesting than Alex’s glare. Well, the scene in front of me was really something I would like to watch but I don’t think Melody will.


“He’s the best when it comes to sports. And he is also a genius. Where do you find such a pack these days?” She blurted like nothing in world can stop her. Well, nothing but this.

“Will you just shut up and listen to me?” I asked with a glare. Still, she continued. Ah! This girl.

“Melody Spencer Collins. Look at-” I placed both my hands on either side of her cheeks and turned her to the direction where I saw the perfect thing to shut her up. “-this”

And indeed she closed her mouth. Whatever she was about to say stayed there itself. Her perfect smile turned into absolute horror.

Max was standing on the far end of the building with a girl in front of him leaning against the wall. They were casually flirting completely ignoring their surroundings. They didn’t even saw both of us watching all their movements like watching a movie. When I turned to face Melody, all I could see was frown. She looked broken. Oh my, I shouldn’t have done that.

I turned away and glanced back at the pair. I couldn’t see the girl’s face first but now when I saw it, my happy mood instantly soured. I am sure I looked like I just saw a ghost, no even worse than that. Because the girl in front of Max was none except

Helen Carlson.

The girl who has her personality matching with her attitude. The girl who has the face of a fox and a personality that of a dead fish.

Wait, what is the connection between fox and dead fish?

I don’t know? I am not a poet. I just blurted out what came into my mind. And let me tell you, what I just told you was indeed her personality, whether or not it comes as a poem or has no connection at all.

“Of all the people in this whole wide world, he only got her to flirt with?!” I asked with a frown. “Really Max, I am disappointed. I thought you could do much better. Way more better.” That earned a venomous glare from Melody.

Oh no.

Looks like its my last day.


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