It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 13

Is it bad that I want to kill my best friend?

I mean, yeah we both have been friends since god knows what grade and we went through those cringe worthy romance life of ours but this-this is unacceptable.

This woman just told me I was not worthy of someone who I loved!

Wait a second...

Did I just say? I love Max?

What? I asked myself while nervously chuckling. Never mind, I have this problem of thinking unwanted things.

“I don’t think that was an ‘unwanted thing’ hon.”

Taking a sharp intake of breath, I turned to face my so called best friend. Giving her the sweetest fake smile I could muster, I answered very calmly. “So what was that thing hon?”

Rolling her eyes at me, Miley shook her head. “I see, you are still mad at me for not shipping you and Max huh?”

“I’m not.” I gritted out.

Shaking her head at me, she replied while continuing drawing some random anime characters. “Sure you don’t.”

“But I was not talking about you and Max, Melody. I was talking about Helen.” Miley told me with a blank face.

“You weren’t?”

She nodded. “Why did you say like that then?”

Putting down her pencil, she turned her complete focus on me. “You see, I don’t normally judge people by their appearance. I personally thing the weirdest looking ones have the kindest hearts. But when it comes to Helen, I have to say. Her looks are way more better than her personality.”

“What’s wrong between you and Helen?” I asked curiously.

“Well, we both used to be friends and all, but something happened which blew out all the trust I had for her.”

“What happened Miley?” She shrugged.

“Oh it was nothing. But seriously, Max could do way much better.”

Anyone with common sense could see that she was purposely avoiding the topic. We may have been friends for a few years but still, that was enough for me to understand her. She was fragile. She could be hurt easily. But at the same time, she could turn into a bursting volcano ready to destroy anything in its path. Just like volcanoes after eruption, she will be blinking and asking herself, what was that about?

Yeah, Miley Hartell is undefinable when it comes to personality.

“ think I also am not suitable for Max?”

She raised her brow but didn’t look at me and continued shading her pictures.

“I thought you didn’t like Max?”

“Forget it.”

She chuckled. “Someone’s blushing” she cooed.

“N-no I am not!” I protested.

With a sly smirk she pointed her pencil at my cheeks.

“Then what is this? Fake blush?”

I could feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment. I hate it when she is right.

Groaning, I buried my face in my hands.

“aww...someone’s embarrassed, huh?” She asked while nudging me playfully.

“Shut up!” I said and swatted away her hand, which only caused her to laugh.

I am gonna kill this girl!!

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you” Miley said while chuckling.

Hmm...maybe some other day.

“It’s okay.” I reassured her trying to hide my smile. she handed her sketchbook to me and with a smile she asked,

“Then, tell me what you think of them. Are they good?”

Running my eyes through her works, I couldn’t help but smile. “They’re good.”


We spend the rest of the day talking and attending classes together, No matter how much we try, it is hard for us to stay angry at the each other. Not that I complain.

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