It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 14

“It will be fun! Say yes already!”


“Why?!“Miley turned to me with an eye roll.

“Mel, you do know I suck at sports don’t you?”

“Still, you can at least give it a try!”

She shook her head no. “I won’t. Besides, if I even agreed to this, who will take care of Miles? He’ll be alone at home.”

Miles was her 6 year old brother. They both were polar opposites. Where his sister had the American look, Miles had more of Asian looks. Even with his childish looks, one could guess he was going to be the heartthrob in the future.

“You can just leave him in one of your relatives house.”

She turned to me with a stern look. “Miles is my brother. Therefore, I know him better than anyone else. I am cent percent sure he will be causing trouble for everyone out there”

Sometimes, I feel like to hit her because of her overprotective nature. From what she said right now, one can easily fall for it and believe that 6 year old guy is a trouble maker. Actually, he is a trouble maker, but the real reason for Miley to worry is something else. I swear, she cares for that guy even more than their mother.


“Miley, just come on! We can have a lot of fun!”

“I said no means no. No more discussion on this Melody” She told me sternly.

Who knew convincing Miley Hartell on coming to the sports event will be this hard?


“Don’t feel bad! Don’t forget, you have to give me all the details about what happened the next day. Okay?”


“Then see you next week!”

With a final good bye, that stubborn brunette who I call my best friend boarded her bus. Darn it! I was hoping to have so much fun tomorrow! But look at what happened! That fun spoiler friend of mine ruined everything!

Looks like I have to spend two days by myself.


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