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Chapter 15


The next day, that is the first day of sports meet, I boarded my school bus which came earlier than the other days. When I looked inside, there were only countable number of students inside the bus. Thankfully, Angel, one of my classmates were inside the bus too.

“Well, guess I’m not by myself then.” I told her while taking the seat beside her.

With a hearty laugh she told me “Guess even I don’t have to spend my day alone”

“Are you participating in something?”

Angel thought for awhile before nodding. “I say why not? Maybe in relay or something.”


Angel and I talked all the way to school. Once the bus stopped, I got down and made my way towards my class along with Angel.

Every second day of the week, our classroom changes. But since today was our sports meet, we were asked to go inside our actual class. And our actual class was right beside Max’s...

What a coincidence right?

That was the main reason why I wanted Miley to be here with me. At least, she could prove to be a good company while ogling at him. I’m not at all feeling shameful for admitting my acts. Why should I? Even I have realized the thing I feel for him is not what I felt for Asher.

It is something powerful, beautiful and most importantly,


I sighed.

“Angel! Over here!” Samantha, a friend of mine, called out for Angel.

“I’ll be right back.” She told me before going towards where Samantha was standing. I knew it was pointless to stand there waiting for Angel so I went towards my classroom. As expected, no one was inside, but they all will be there for sure. I placed my bag on the last bench, and went outside once again.

What’s the purpose of sitting there alone?

When I got outside, Angel was still talking with Samantha. Bidding them a quick bye, I made my ways down the stairs.

“Hey Melody.”

Michael, the boy who is in the other section greeted me in between the stairs.

“Hey Michael” I greeted back. He stared upstairs from where I just hopped down hopefully.

“Isn’t Miley here yet?”

I smiled sadly at him. Poor guy, I don’t know how many times Miley have turned him down. And let’s be honest, she was really harsh with him. Once when I asked her why don’t give him a chance, her reply was a sigh and ‘I can’t. We are not the right match’.

I don’t know what she meant by that, but anyway let it slide. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything to ship Michael and Miley. I did. And the result will always be one. A very mad Miley.

Every time I tried to get them together, she will glare at me and tell me angrily to stop it.

But you see, I am a very loyal friend so I did the exact opposite.

She actually saw that coming so she herself shut her mouth and stopped stopping me, much to my disappointment.

“She won’t be coming.”

Michael sighed.

“Don’t worry Mike! One day she will fall for you. I suppose.” Ryan, the most annoying guy, according to Miley (and most of us) , yelled from downstairs. The sound of his classmates laughing at him echoed through the building.

“I guess I have to go.”

I nodded in agreement. I didn’t miss his frown on hearing his own friends teasing him because of Miley. I shook my head and made my ways towards the car shed.

The car shed was the place where we all gathered during intervals. Like always, there they was, Amber and her friends. Behind me I could hear footsteps so I turned. Stephany, one of my best friends and classmates, came up towards me.

“Hey Mel!”

“Steph! Thank god! I have someone to annoy!”

“That makes two of us” She replied with a wink. We both linked our arms and started walking towards where the girls were standing.

“Eh? Alicia is not coming?”

Stephany shook her head no and I sighed.

Ember was the first one to notice our presence. “Hey girls”

“Looks like we 7 are the only ones” Amber stated.

“At least, there are 7 of us” Liza responded.

“Miley and Alicia are not coming?” Aisha questioned and I shook my head. “Typical”

Amber leaned against the wall and rolled her eyes. “Too bad, Michael was looking for her the whole time.”

Liza chuckled. “I can picture Miley’s glare on hearing this” Aisha fist bumped with Liza. “Me too”

Everyone among us knew about Michael’s crush on Miley. There was literally no one who didn’t knew about that in our school, well, except for the teachers and students of lower sections that is.

We all talked until the bell rang indicating all the students to get inside their respective class rooms.


The competition started. Multiple programs were arranged in different sites. Me being me, participated in every programs I could. Starting from 100 meter to 800 meter race. Then relay and many more.

I was an athletic person. Thanks to that, I got something in every program I participated.1st in 100 m and 500m race, 2nd in 800 m, runner up in 1000m race and many more.

But the time every thing was over, I was a mess. I leaned against the chair and sighed.

“Are you not coming Mel?” Stephany asked me while taking her water bottle from her bag. I sighed and shook my head. “I’m too tired to go”

“Are you sure about that?” Amber asked her. “Not even to see High jump?”

“Why should I go with you all to watch high jump?”

“Because honey, Aisha just heard that some Max guy is also participating in it” She replied with a smirk. Me who was not at all interested the whole time, suddenly was on alert. Max and high jump? I am not gonna miss that for world.

I made up my mind and grabbed my own water bottle that was on the table.

“I thought you were not coming?” Stephany teased me.

“I changed my plans. Now lets go”

Amber chuckled from behind and together we went towards the ground where Aisha said high jump will be conducted.

People were already there either to watch or participate in the competition. I didn’t even reached the ground and my eyes already found the one I have been looking for.


He was wearing his red team shirt with navy blue pants of our school uniform.

“There is your Romeo. Let’s go stand somewhere near him” Amber whispered in a way that only I can hear it.

She didn’t need to say that because I was already planning to do so. The first thig I did after taking position where I could see everything perfectly was to check for that one familiar face.

“Who are you looking for? He’s right in front of you” Stephany told me.

“I know. I’m looking for someone else”

She frowned in confusion. “Who?”

I rolled my eyes in annoyance on remember a certain brunette. “Helen”

“Helen? Oh! Helen." She finally got understood who I was referring to .

I nodded in acknowledgement.

Stephany threw an arm around me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t worry, she is not here today”

I blinked in surprise. “How’d you know?”

She winked in my way. “I have my ways”

We both turned to the front when our PE sir started shouting to the participants to stand in line and wait for their turns.

Soon many of the boys where standing in line waiting for their chance. In between them stood Alex, no, not that one, this is someone else.

The guy who I am talking about is Alex Valcarce, my classmate, who is the exact opposite of Alex George.

“You’re participating in it too?” I asked in surprise.

Alex turned to me in surprise and then grinned proudly. “Yep”

I gave him an thumps up and smiled. “Good luck! Let’s see what you can do Valcarce”

“Just watch Collins”

I know you will Alex. After all, you have a girlfriend to impress.


True to his words, Alex did great. He did the longest jump from our batch.

“See, I told ya” He replied proudly.

I smiled proudly. “Yes you did! That was awesome!” We both high fived.

Then the moment I was waiting for finally came around. It was the turn of our seniors turn. I did actually pay attention to many of it except a few like, Jeffrey, my seniors annoyed the hell out of me during my exams, then Adam, Max’s perverted friends and some others.

Then came his’ turn. I liked my lips in anticipation. I watched as he took his position far behind the white line made on the ground.

God let him win...please make him win.

Our P.E sir blew his whistle and Max started running. I watched as he jumped and landed a few inches from where the others had landed.

There was one more specialty about his landing.

He just happened to land right in front of me.

He didn’t move until I spoke.

“You did great,”

Max raised his head and blinked “Huh?”

I chuckled. “That was a very nice jump”

“Oh. Okay” He blinked and stared at me for a few seconds before standing up and making his way towards his friends, who congratulated him for his jump. I watched as he made his way back to towards where our classrooms are.

“That was one hell of a jump” Stephany commented in awe and we both watched his retreating figure. As if sensing my eyes on him, he turned back to look at me, and so did his friend Walter.

“I know” I said with a smile.

I can’t wait to tell Miley about this.


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