It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 16

What’s more irritating than getting scolded by your mom in the morning? Especially when you both know your brother is the one who spilled red paint on your white wall?

I don’t know.

One thing’s for sure, I am never gonna let that idiot step inside my room again.

And to say my day can’t get any worse would be a lie.

And man was I wrong! Because the moment I got inside the campus, I ran into my ex-crush present enemy, yeah that jerk, Alex. And he also was not at all pleased with our meeting.

“Move out of my way!” He gritted out angrily.

Ha! As if I want to stand here for another second!

When he jumped down the steps, I glared at his retreating figure and gritted out through narrowed eyes “Jerk”

“What was that?” A voice asked me and I squealed in surprise. How come I didn’t see her before.

“Oh My Gosh Liz! You nearly killed me woman!”

She laughed and side hugged me. “Who did you thought I was?”

I relaxed and told her with a smile. “One of his idiot friends”

Speak of devil and he shall appear. Ryan, the most irritating guy I’ve ever met in my life, passed beside me and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Poor Michael was waiting for her the whole day.”

“Ignore him, Mil” Liza told me. Thank goodness, there’s someone who understands me and my decisions.

We continued walking and talked in between. Most of our talk was about the sports day.

“Honestly, I wanted you to be there that day. You’re the only one who laughs at my pathetic jokes” She said with fake hurt and I nudged her with my elbow. “You must be the only person who missed me”

“Are you sure about that?” asked a voice from behind. I can recognize that voice even in my worst nightmares. With a bright smile, I turned to face my bestie for two years ,sitting in the second row of bench, glaring at me.

“Hello to you to Mel”

In response she huffed. “You really think I didn’t miss you?′

“Of course you didn’t. Why would you? I am pretty sure you were busy walking around Max that you didn’t even remember I was not there.”

“I know honey, I know.” I said while taking a seat beside her.

“I am taking that as my cue to leave. See ya later girls!” With that, Liz went back outside, no doubt, to find her own group of friends.

“So, spill out the details. I was waiting for it.”

“You know, you should have came here on Thursday. It was quite fun”

Come here and get annoyed on Ryan and his irritating demands? No I’ll pass.

“Naah. For me it will always be boring. Besides, I had to take care of Miles, remember”

Melody’s POV

Just say the truth that you didn’t want to be around Michael. Speaking of Michael,

“Hey, Michael was looking for you that day.”

Her bright smile faltered at the mention of Michael’s name. “What did he say?”

“He asked me if you were not coming?”

“And what did you say?”

“That you were not coming”

“Good. Now back to our topic. Did something happened between you and Max?” She asked, the enthusiasm returning in her voice. I know those words shouldn’t have an effect on me but, when she told me about it, I couldn’t help but blush.


“Actually, something did happen-”

“OMG! Spill it! And yeah; Don’t skip details”

I can never get used to her mood swings. Either way, I spilled all the details. Without missing even one word. It was surprising though. Normally, I was someone who will forget something that happened 5 minutes ago, but here I am, talking about something that happened days ago. When I finished talking, Miley was grinning like an Idiot (Which she is).

“I told you! He definitely have got some feelings for you! Yay! my ship just sailed.”

“Your what?” I asked completely baffled.

She rolled her eyes. “Ship duh.”

I still didn’t get what she said and it must be evident on my face because the next moment, she gaped at me, like I have said something absolutely stupid.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what a ship is”

“I know what a ship is”

“I’m not talking about that ship, like Titanic and all. I am talking about ship. The one like, Steroline.”

“Oh that one. But I ship Dalena, not Steroline.”

“Whatever. I ship Steroline.”

“What’s wrong with Dalena, wait.”

Miley laughed. “We sidetrack real quick don’t we?”

I joined her. “Yeah we do.” I said in between.

“But still, I think Dalena is the best ship.”


English literature is my favorite subject from this year. You literally don’t have to do anything during the class if you have written your notes, copied from the guide. As if someone actually listens to the class.

Believe me, once the notes are written, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just study the poem and it’s explanation (which no one in our class does). And if you talk about teaching, there’s literally no one who is listening to the class. Even the top nerds in our class are talking and doing other things. As for people like me and Miley, we are busy playing games (in between class) and some times, even sleeping.

Our teacher doesn’t seem to mind though.

And right now, I am in middle of the said literature class, passing notebook in which we are playing the game of truth or dare.

It was Miley’s turn now. Because she was sitting right next to me, I didn’t had to struggle in order to see her question. It was Ember who asked her the question so let’s say, nothing good will come out of this.

Do you really hate Michael or is it just pretending? This was the question.

See I told you, nothing good will come out of this. Miley too, seems to share my thoughts. She looked like she wanted to do nothing more than to tear that page into pieces, which she couldn’t as we were in middle of the class.

So instead of doing what she wanted to do, went for choking her pencil.

Of course, she will use a pencil. Let’s not forget the whole playing game thing is actually going on the back of her notebook. So that’s reasonable.

I hate him and no, I am not pretending. Don’t ask this question ever again. Please.

She passed the book to Ember and Ember tried to suppress an eyeroll. The keyword being ‘tried’.

Then, it was my turn. And the person who will be asking question is none other than Miley.

I bet this will be some dumb question.

Surprisingly, Miley was quick to write a question and when she did, I was surprised by her question.

What will you do if Max rejects you just like how Asher did?

What will I do? No I don’t even want to think about that.

Luckily, the bell rang at the right time.

“What did you ask her?” Ember asked while placing her books inside her bag.

“Look by yourself” was Miley’s reply.

“What will you do if Max rejects you? What is your answer?” Ember asked me curiously.

“Probably cry?”

“Yeah. That’s for sure. I mean, what’s a heartbreak without crying?” Miley reasoned and Aisha narrowed her eyes. “Then why are you still roaming around happily when Alex rejected you.”

“Do I look happy to you? That guy is after my head for real!”

“Yeah! Yeah.”

They continued their bickering while I stood their pondering over her question.

What will I do if he actually rejects me? Will I be able to handle another heartbreak?


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