It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 18

Miley's POV

Dear whoever made circle the part of Maths,

Hope you rot in hell.

Dude what the hell possessed you to include such a thing as part of Mathematics? And above all, who the hell told you to make such theories?

Lesson learned, even a circle won’t let you live in peace.

I really am regretting my life’s decision right now. Slowly, I turned to look around my fellow depressed classmates. Bet all of them share the same thought.

“Theorem 15, Theorem 16. Just how many theories?” Melody groaned from beside me.

“Are you asking me?” I asked pointing at myself. Melody gave me a duh look before whispering, “Of course. Is anyone near you?”


“Then why ask silly questions?”

“My point exactly. Why ask me about theory when I myself am internally cursing the dude who found these theories?”

“You’re not the only one hun.” She said motioning towards the others, who looked like they were trying not to throw the book across the room. Life of a students sucks doesn’t it.

But when you think about life of an adult, things aren’t any different.

In short, Life itself sucks.

I sighed. My chain of thoughts were broken when a sudden fit of laughter came from outside our class. I was sitting near where the windows where so I could see who it was.

“Look at them, they say final year is the hardest but it doesn’t look like that to me here.”

From beside me, I could see Melody freeze, which made me roll my eyes. I’ll never understand the language of lovers.

The bell rang and almost all of us sighed in relief. “Saved by the bell.”

“Okay class, that’s all for now. Do problems 5 to 25 as homework and submit it tomorrow itself.” Our teacher announced making my jaw drop. “You must be kidding me.” I say as I drop myself on the seat. The loud groans and cursing from inside the class made our seniors turn their head in our direction. As in cue, Max’s head turned in our direction.

“Yo Mel, your man is staring” I said uninterested, as I stared back him in the eye. Melody groaned and pinched my arm under the table. “What the-”

“For my sake, shut up” On seeing my face she sighed and added, ”please”


But that wasn’t accepted by our dear friends. The class suddenly filled up with coughs and Mel. Melody stared straight in to the wall in embarrassment.

“Let’s go. The lunch time will be over in a blink.” I said and grabbed on her arm and thankfully, she let me. Looks like she’s embarrassed more than everyday.

This happens almost everyday from 3 months ago. Starting with her sudden declaring of her love for Max. She denies it in front of everyone but who is she kidding, everyone cans see it. In every class interval Max and his friends have to pass through our class, since theirs’s is next to us and when they do, the girls start their awkward coughs and whispers. Me being me, continues being unbothered but the same couldn’t be said for Melody.

The same fit of coughs started again and Melody groaned. “Looks like he’s here.” I muttered and soon enough, I got to see his brown mope of hair.

“You sure you don’t wanna look?”

“No. Just tell me when he’s gone.”

Argh, what did I do to deserve this?

“Fine. Your man is gone.”

As those words left my mouth she raised her head and Max, for a change, glanced inside the classroom and caught Melody red handed. Melody’s jaw dropped and she hit me on my arm, so hard that it hurts. I glared at her and she glared back.

“You said he was gone.”

“Wow you actually believed me.”

“Of course I did, you dork!”

A chuckle escaped my mouth unintentionally and I glanced at my wrist watch, to check the time. “Oh, I should get going, my class will start soon.”

“But you still have time.” Amber pointed out and I sighed.

“I have, but our teacher asked us to get there early. BOYS WE NEED TO GET THERE EARLIER REMEMBER?” I yelled and the most of them turned their attention on me, but on seeing who the speaker was, only 5 of them turned and the remaining continued eating their lunches. “Oh yeah, thanks for reminding us” Stephen said with a grateful smile and I nodded.

I came back after washing my hands and when I reached the door of my classroom, I was greeted by a smack on my head.

"Ouch what the hell?”

“Here’s your book” A warm voice answered and I raised my head to see my brown haired attacker. “You could’ve just handed over the book you idiot.” I said as I rubbed my head. Stanley grinned wickedly before rotating a pen with his fingers.

“Now, where’s the fun in that?”

“You have a death wish huh?”

“My, my, looks like I’ve made the queen angry.”

“Stanley...” I glared at him while biting my lip in order to prevent myself from smiling. He being the dork he is smiled. His amber eyes twinkled with mischief and I had to prevent myself from letting out an embarrassing sound on seeing his cuteness.

This dork was considered as one of the hottest guys in our batch and I don’t blame anyone for thinking so. Sure enough he was pretty hot. Brown curly hair that always covered his thick eyebrows, sometimes down his beautiful double lid amber eyes giving him a look of mischief, thin lips and angular jaw. He was beautiful and I admit it.

And there’s no reason for me denying the facts known by everyone. Being the only girl from our class who chose computer applications, I was forced to stick with 5 boys. The rest of the students who chose computer were mostly from the other class but when we take our class, it was only 6 of us. It was awkward first considering none of us knew each other and the only one people who I know was Abel, who was very hard to approach and Aaron, who was nice from the very beginning even though we don’t talk that often. Thankfully, it all changed on that one rainy day, when we all had to run in the rain for our next class and none of us had an umbrella. It was stupid of us to even think it won’t rain considering it was rainy season.

I remember how all of us started laughing like idiots after finding a shelter and it was Stanley and Stephen who started making fun of my drenched appearance. From that day, the boys and I share a strong friendly bond with each other to the point that I don’t mind letting the savage side of me to come out and the boys, they happily let me be. In short, we enjoy each other’s company a little too much.

“Ugh, you know what lets just go.” I said as I snatched my book from his hands making him grin wider. He knows me very well to the point that he knows, I’m just messing with him.

“I’m taking that book home with me okay?”

“What I thought you already wrote it.”

“I didn’t. A boy got other works to do you know” He said with a wink and I rolled my eyes.

“Come on, I promise I’ll complete it by today.”

“Yah yah”

“Believe me”

“I believe you” I stopped in the stairs and stared at his face. His brows was furrowed, his eyes pleading and lips set into a pout. Cute.


“Yay!” He raised his arms like an excited child allowed to play his favorite game and I smiled inwardly. Stanley, Stephen and Aaron where the ones who I am close to compared to everyone else. But it was always Stanley who always acted like a adorable dork just to get small things from me like this. Not only to me but everyone.

There was no problem with him acting like this was what I thought.

Little did I knew, I was wrong all along.


Looks like this book will end sooner than expected. By the way, do you have friends like anyone in this book?

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