It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 1

“Aren’t you a bit over excited today?”

I clearly remember my mother’s words from that day. The day when my favourite cousin, Susie, was getting married. Not only her words, I remember each and everything from that day without any single mistake.

Ugh! Only if I knew how bad that day was going to end.


“Aren’t you a bit over excited today?”

My mom, Cassie Spencer Collins, asked with me with an amused expression on her face. She was standing beside my door but then started walking over to me, who was sitting in front of my mirror, trying to get ready.

“Yep! It’s Susie’s wedding day mom. I was looking forward for this one day.”

“Oh really?” she asked while removing my hairband from my blonde hair.

“Mom!” I protested. Reason? duh! It really took time to keep this all hair in place!

Knowing my mom, there was no point in protesting. So I simply waited on the chair, trying to figure out what is she doing with my hair.

“You are saying, it’s the wedding that is keeping you excited nothing else?”

“What else?” Lies. “You do know she is my favorite cousin, don’t you?”

She smirked a little and continued. “I know. But are you sure there is nothing else, like a boy?”

“What! No!”

“As you say.” she paused for a moment and then continued her work. After a few moments, she moved away and patted on my head careful not to mess her work. It is really hard to convince my mother about something. She is a born CID. From what I’ve head from Nicole, mom’s best friend, my mother was the difficult one among them. She will always smell lies. Just like now.

“There. All done”

I stared at my reflection I awe. My mom never fails to do her magic. Being a beautician has its own advantage duh!

“It’s beautiful.” I replied honestly.

“I know. Now, time for a photo.” Mom said while taking out her phone.



I stared at the picture in my desk. The very same picture that both I and my mom took before Susie’s wedding. How happy had I looked in that picture.

My blonde hair was tied in a messy bun and I was wearing a maroon floor length gown. My brown eyes, which I inherited from my dad, were shining brightly. Shining from excitement, happiness and...longing.

Longing for someone who I despise with all my heart right now.

Argh! Crushes really sucks!

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