It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 19

Miley's POV

“Ara Michael,” she paused. “86"

“Melody Spencer, 84”

“Miley Hartell,” She paused again, just to sent a glare in my direction. “56" With that she passed my paper to my hand and I kept my eye on the numbers written in red.


That was higher than what I expected but lower than what my mom or me wanted. My stomach clenched and the weird feeling I hated started forming in my gut.

“That’s low” Melody commented with a worried voice.

“I can see that.” My voice was unintentionally cold and bitter, I just couldn’t help it. Fromt he corner of my eyes, I saw her flinch. Melody suddenly placed a hand on my shoulder in an attempt to calm me, but little did she know, whatever she did would not calm me not even a bit.

“Hey don’t be upset. Miley-”

“Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not upset” very convincing Miley. Really convincing.

"You seriously want me to believe that crap?”


“Can you stay silent for a moment me ?”


“Please” I don’t want to let out my frustrations on you.

Melody sighed and grabbed my hands which were clenched in my lap. “Hey, take it easy. I don’t get why you’re getting frustrated on something like this. I mean, look at the rest of your scores, look at your score in english. You got the highest mark.”

As much as I want to pay attention to her words and calm down myself, I can’t help it. The bitter feeling I am feeling, its not disappointment. It’s pure frustration. I don’t have any problem admitting the fact that I absolutely suck at maths and I don’t hate myself for it. It’s just how I am. I accept my weakness and try to make them my strength. But this crap called Mathematics, it’s just making me feel crappy. And my anger issue self can’t handle this.

I wasted my blood sweat and tears on this freaking subject and look what I got. 56.

Distraction. I need a distraction or else I’ll go crazy. I spared a glance at my teacher who still was not done with the paper distribution. That stupid paper.

Did I really just blame it on the paper? whatever.

The sound of the bell ringing echoed through the whole campus and all of us stared at our teacher in silent question.

“Those who got back their answer sheets can leave others stay here.”

I sighed and stood up from my seat. When was the last time I got this excited to go outside even when I already know I am going to stalk my senior for my bestfriend? Guess bad days make you do the worst.

“Come on, let’s go outside.”

“Are you okay?” Melody’s concerned filled voice questioned.

“I would be lying if I said yes. But hey, let’s just head outside. I need to get my mind at ease” I started walking ahead leaving a confused and concerned Melody behind.

“...Kay. Uh, hey wait for me”

She linked my arm with hers and I did the same. I was too tired to reciprocate affections but you see, this certain part of me can’t bear seeing the people I love getting hurt.

“All these years I thought I had the worst mood swings but you just convinced me otherwise. Seriously Mil, this side of you is really unfamiliar to me.”

Oh honey, I have many sides which are unfamiliar to you. That came out dark but, okay. I let my eyes lazily wander around the campus when I spotted a certain someone staring at our direction. If it was someone else I would have stared back. As tempting as the option is, I decided to go otherwise and nudged Melody on her ribs. She opened her mouth to speak but I beat her to it.

“Lover boy is string at you. Ah-ah. Don’t look around. He’s there at our right.”

“You told me not to stare.” She mumbled back. I rolled my eyes and side stepped so that I could lean back against a railing. For anyone looking at us, it may appear like we were talking to each other but only we know, we aren’t. I discovered this stance not long ago.

Thanks to my new found stalking skills.

“Now stare”

“You really are something.”

“I know.” I said as I turned back again, so that I could see everything from the top to the ground. She couldn’t stare at him for a reason but there’s no reason for me not to stare at him right? With that thought I glanced at him.

“Are you staring at him?”

“Darling I know you aren’t looking at him even with such comfortable position. I’ll let you know if something happens.”

Melody scoffed but didn’t protest. A few seconds later, she joined me and glanced down to the ground where Clara and James where casually flirting with each other and their friends (including us) judging from all the sides.

“Is she the same girl who dreams of kissing James? Forget about kissing, she can’t even stare him into his eyes.” Melody mumbled.

“As if you can do that.”

“Hey I can.”

“Prove it”

She didn’t comment and turned away. Figured. I rolled my eyes and stared back at the boy just to notice that he was already doing the same but this time one more person joined him. Walter.

And his stare was so intense that it made me confused. I’ve heard somewhere that a boy in love always stare at the girl who caught his interest but, what does it mean when two of them does the same?


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