It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 2

You might be wondering why I think like that. It’s no big deal. It’s just, they really sucks. Why? They just do.

Who am I kidding?

Well, ideally, this is my point of view from 2 months. Why?

You see, just like any 14 year old teenager, I had my own crush.

And I didn’t believe when my bestie complained about crushes and their worst part.

According to her, which later proved to be right, there’s two ways a crush will end up.

Possible way number 1: Your crush loves you back and he’ll prove to be a sweet loving boyfriend. Literally, every girls dream boy.

Possible way number 2: Your crush eventually doesn’t feels the same, and in the end, if you are really lucky, congratulations, you just got rid of a pervert.

In most of our lives, number two is the most likely one to happen. So most of you might have guessed it already, in my case, the second one happened. But instead of getting rid of a pervert, I lost a really cool one. Talk about good luck.

Why did it happen? And most importantly, why did I had to make a fool of myself in front of him? But was it really my fault? No, it wasn’t.


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