It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 3


“You look beautiful Mel.”

My cousin brother, Zayn commented. I smiled warmly at the five year old and picked him in my arms. “Aww, thank you Zayn.” I said while pinching his chubby cheeks.

“Stop it.” he said while wiggling in my arms.

“Why should I? you’re soft.”

“Ah Mel. There you are.” Aunt Samara said from behind. She is mom’s cousin and my best friend.

“Mommy!” the tiny sweet heart in my arms exclaimed.

“Hello honey. Did you had fun with Melody?”


“Great, now shall we go checking for your dad?”

Zayn nodded eagerly. Aunt Sam turned to me and gave me a grateful smile.

“Thank you Melody for taking care of Zayn.”

I waved my hands. “No need for thanking me. Besides, I was bored and he proved me a great company.”

“Okay then. see you around dear.”


“Bye Mel” Zayn waved with an adorable smile.

We reached here like one and a half our ago. My dad went to help others in while my mom being my mom went to see Susie. I was there too but after a few minutes, some of my mother’s old friends were there and now she’s having her talk. After what felt like an eternity, I got bored. My only ray of hope came in the form of Mia. She helped me get out of there but we didn’t had anything to do and that’s when I found our cute little Zayn having trouble a flower.

“Well, now that you’re done, shall we go to the front?” Mia, my youngest cousin as well as my neighbour asked me.

“We don’t have anything else to do so, yeah.” I replied with a shrug. Also, who knows if I find him there?

“Great now come on.” She said while dragging me along with her. It was a easy work for her to run as she was wearing a knee length off shoulder frock while I was here wearing a long floor length gown. I was careful not to trip but eventually, I did. I did, only to be caught by someone.

“Are you alright?”

My eyes which were closed, opened widely. When i looked up, I was greeted by a pair of warm brown eyes.

“Oh, thankyou Lev”

“No mention, Mel. You should be careful while wearing a floor length gown like that.” He commented while eyeing my dress upside down.

“I didn’t knew that you were coming.” i said while straightening myself.

“I didn’t know that myself. It was my dad you know. It’s some relative of his whose son is getting married.”


Levi Whitmore, Lev for short, and I were close friends because our parents are also, closest friends. My mom and his mother, Nicole, were like best friends for life.

“I should go. See you around Mel.”

“See you.”

With that, Levi Whitmore disappeared among the crowd leaving me alone. Now where is my companion? I looked around her and found her, talking to some girl in the corner. Rolling my eyes, I searched around hoping to find someone with green eyes and blonde hair. As in cue, it landed directly upon him. He was walking through the entrance along with some man around his age. Soon, those mesmerizing green eyes landed on me and I watched in awe as a smile formed in his lips.


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