It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 4


There he stood across from me with that sweet smile I fell in love with. On seeing me, he approached me directly and my heart stopped beating. There is this specialty about good looking young men, whatever they wear, they will look attractive in an impossible way.

“Hi” he greeted me.

“Hi” I whispered back.

“You look beautiful.” Asher replied casually while eyeing me upside down. I know it was just a friendly compliment, but that didn’t prevent me from blushing.

“Thank you. you look great.”

“Don’t I always?”

“Cocky much?” i retorted with a smile and that earned me a whole hearted laugh from him.

My relationship with Asher started like a year before. it started with a wedding and we both are still in touch. When I say relationship, it’s like friends. But that didn’t prevent me from having feelings for him. I admit, he’s really good looking guy but that’s not why i fell for him. He was just, great. A genuine friend who also cares for you a lot. Beside all these, there is something about the way he talks to me. He talks to me like I am his girlfriend, not his one year acquaintance. So, it’s natural for me to think he likes me back right?

“What’s the thing you wanted to talk with me?”

Here comes that part.

After that wedding night, we became friends. I thought he was just being friendly and that’s when I received a friend request from him that night. From that day, we both chat with each other almost regularly. Almost. Asher has a busy life. You might be thinking Asher will be some teenage boy around my age, 16. Then boy, you’re wrong. He’s no teenager, but a college student of age 20. Great right?

So last day, I thought why not tell him about my feelings. Like i said, the way he acts definetlely shows something right? That thought ended up messaging him and now, i have to tell him. How bad can this go?

“Um, about that...” I trailed off. When I looked at him, he gave me an encouraging smile.

“End that suspense. Now spill it out.” Asher replied like this was no big deal. God! Only if he knew.

“Asher, can we talk in private?” I asked while fidgeting with my fingers. Well, at least I’m not biting my nails. He looked confused for a second then nodded. We both walked towards the back where there were less people.

“So...” he started.

“Asher, i don’t know how to start but...”

“Go ahead.”

Deep breath.

“I like you.”

No response. “Asher?”

“Of course i like you too.” He said with an encouraging smile. Goddamit! He is taking it the other way around.

“Asher, I mean it. I like you as in I like you.” And that was it. His smile vanished. Asher took a deep breath and closed his eyes.


I waited. “I am sorry.”

Oh no.

“There is someone else.”

Great. Just great.

"oh” I could hear the disappointment in my own voice.

“I am sorry. I didn’t realize I was leading you on.”

“It’s, it’s okay. i understand.” I replied while not meeting his eyes.

“Melody I am sorry.”

“I get it Asher. I am fine.” Meeting his gaze I gave him my best smile. “Really I am fine.” Liar.

He smiled back and placed a hand over my shoulder. “I’m really sorry Mel. I didn’t know I would lead you on. I was just being friendly with you but it seems like it went more than I expected.”

“It did.”

He smiled hesitantly and we stood there in awkward silence which was meant to be broken by some guy.

“Hey Ash, come on. It’s time.”

“Yeah. We should go”

“We should.”

And just like that all my hopes of being in a relationship with Asher sank like Titanic. The rest of the day was horrible. Not to mention the marriage. I was having a real bad time smiling while emotionally I felt like frowning. By the end of the day, I was an emotional wreck. It was until I reached my room I realize how badly I was hurt. For days, I was a teary mess.




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