It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 5

It’s been two months since that incident. Now when I think about it, I feel like hitting myself with a hammer. God that was embarrassing! I knew it would be some what like this if I ever got rejected but in was really embarrassing.

The wedding day had been hilarious. We both didn’t talk to each other after that incident. I thought that was it when I received a text from him. He was apologizing. Again.

If it was a simple sorry, i would have been happy. But guess what he did.

Hey. I am sorry. I really didn’t mean to lead you on. Everything okay between us?

Yes. Everything is okay between us. Ugh! How did I even like that guy? Look what he did, he bloody brought up that subject again.

After that, our daily texting reduced. Regular timing became hours, hours became minutes and minutes became...nothing. Now we don’t even text. Even if we do, it would be a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ apart from that, nothing. Now when everything has been proved, he showed me, that he just thought me as his friend. Very well. Very well indeed.

Currently, I am in between the lunch break in our school. Me along with my friends are sitting in a circle, mostly discussing love matters. Have I ever mentioned that nearly half of my friends have lovers? I didn’t? okay.

“And you know what he said?” Clara, one of my friends, who has been in love with James, was sharing her love story with us for god knows how many times.

“What did he said?” Amber, one of her best friends asked eagerly.

“Really? she just said that 2 minutes ago.” Miley, my one and only best friend whispered to no one in particular. I chuckled. I knew there was a reason why I became friends with her. We nearly shared most of our thoughts.

“Love really does that to people?”

“Yes. If love does that to people, I don’t want to be loved”

“Oh, then what about Alex?” I teased her. Miley narrowed her eyes.

“What about, Asher?” And just like that, she dropped the bomb. My smile fell. And she noticed that too.

“Hey, everything okay?” she asked with her voice full of concern. Miley knew about my long time crush on Asher.

“There’s no more Asher.”



“What? Why?!”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Miley was a little curious kitten but she knew when to push the buttons. “You will or I will bring it up from you”

“Oh you will.”

And yes, I did tell her. By the moment I finished, Miley’s expression was blank. But not for too long. Because the next moment, a long string of insults were flying out of her mouth. That was the thing in our friendship, what I wish to do, she will do it.


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