It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 6

2 more moths have passed. Nothing changed. For past 3 months, I was restless to know who he loved so much to reject me. Guess what, after stalking all of his social media, I found the girl, no, lady. A beautiful one with gorgeous red hair. Luna Cavelli. But by now I have realized one thing, being single is not...bad. It is quite fun. A lot of things happened. Asher, however, was not a part of the things. It was all about school. Miley and Alex are now like mortal enemies. Speaking of Alex, you might be wondering who he is.

Alex Miller is one of our classmates and my best friend’s love interest. I think she just had a simple infatuation on him. Why? Because even on being rejected by him, Miley is dancing around like nothing happened. She is definitely a weirdo.

I’ve never enjoyed school like how I enjoy it now. After that incident with Asher, I think I am more socializing now. I’ve befriended with many of the senior students. They are really fun to be around.

In present, I am attending my classes. Language classes to be exact. Both me and Miley chose Spanish because it was like our mother tongue apart from English. We both were sitting in the last, taking notes, when the bell rang.

“So that’s all for now.” Mrs. Mathew, our Spanish teacher, said while closing her text book.

“Thankyou Mam” we all said in chorus. Just as both of us were about to leave, she called our name.

“Miss Spencer, a word please.” She eyed Miley and motioned her to follow too. When we reached her desk, she handed a book to Miley. “Please give it to Nina Bourgeois and ask Sera to hand over the notebook I gave her yesterday.”

“Would you like us to bring the book to you?” Miley asked her.

“That’s what I meant Miss. Hartell.” Miley nodded.

“Is that all?”

“Yes. You may leave now.”

Thanking her, we both made our way to the aforementioned personas. I knew them both. They were one of the senior friends I have made within the four months. Miley, unlike me, was more of a reserved person but still, she maintained a close relation with Sera. They both are family friends. The 3rd year class was in the next corridor only a few feet away. When we reached there, most of the guys were standing outside in a group. They were engrossed in their own talks that they didn’t notice us coming. In attempt to get inside the class, I nearly bumped into someone. That someone was a tall boy. He had bluish green eyes dark brown hair and tanned skin. He looked like someone who came out of a girl’s fantasies.

Giving me a polite smile, he stepped out of my way. “Mel, come on” Miley called from the doorway. Following her I entered the classroom. Miley did the work for which we were sent for, whereas I was standing there doing nothing. But I was certainly feeling someone’s gaze on me. Turning, I was, again, greeted by a pair of green-blue eyes. But this time, he was not beside me, he was standing near the rail watching me intently. The boy, if you can call a 17-18 year old guy that, sent a genuine smile in my direction and me being me, turned away.

Why did I do that again? I don’t know.

“Hey you okay?”

“Yeah I am fine, let’s go.”

And just like that, I left the place,

without even turning back.

But not before hearing the strangers name.

“Max! You joinin’ us man?”

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