It All Started With A NoteBook

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Chapter 8

Melody’s POV

Why did I do that? Couldn’t I just smile back?

These two questions were bugging me from the moment we stepped inside our classroom. Miley’s stupid teasing was not helping either. Both Ember and Miley was right though. I should have smiled back. This Max guy was just being friendly and I thought he was being creepy. Then why are you feeling the other way round Mel?

Wish I knew.

There’s one thing I just can’t understand. Why was I feeling so damn annoyed and frustrated just because Miley told me Max smiled at her? I mean, Max can send a smile at anyone he wants but then why am I feeling so...angry?

“Or better Jealous?”

Blinking I turned to face Miley who was staring at her drawing which she was working on. It was her hobby to draw random things on the last page of the notebook. It was mostly the drawing of flowers and plants. No human at all.

“What do you mean by jealous?”

Miley turned to me while chewing the tip of her pencil indicating she was thinking something and then removed it. “I mean, you were feeling angry just because this Max guy smiled at me. It has to be jealousy. Normally you feel anger while you’re jealous. That’s what I think it is.”

“And who told you that I was angry?” Miley looked at me with a ridiculous look.

“For god’s Mel, you should stop speaking your thoughts.”

“Oh god!” I face palmed.

“Admit it, you’re in love.” Ember said from out of nowhere. Wait, she didn’t leave yet?

“I. Am. Not. In. LOVE” I replied through gritted teeth. I’ve been repeating this from last 5 minutes. Why can’t they just understand it? I am not in love. And will never be. Asher was enough heartbreak, now I don’t need someone else to break my glued heart. Can heart even be glued?

They both rolled their eyes. “Okay, we believe you. But then, why are behaving the same way you did last year, when told you that Asher was not hot?”

I sent a glare on her way while Ember was looking her from head to toe. “You should really check your eyes, Mil” Miley just stuck her tongue at Ember.

You might be wondering how Ember knows about Asher. Ah, you see within us girls, there are literally no secrets. Means they all know about what happened with Asher. Only Miley knows the details though.

“Believe it or not, you’ve got your eyes set on Max, Melody.”

We three turned to face the owner of the voice. The owner was none except Aisha, Ember’s best friend and also the one sitting right in front of me.

“Not you too!”

The last thing I ever wanted was them shipping me and this Max guy. Hell, I don’t even know this guy! Wait, about that...

I do know him.


Max as in Max Richardson. The guy who I met a year ago with Taliah on the road.


So. She already knows him and doesn’t remember him at all? One thing I’ve found amusing in this story, she met both the males a year ago and even has feeling for both of them. Wow Mel. Your such a lucky girl.

(Why is it only you)

Okay. SO now

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Edit: I have changed Stella’s name into Taliah. You see, I just remembered the one who was with My bestie that day has the name starting with T not S. You may say why it is only a story but see, it helps me remember who the characters are in a quick glance. I have one wonderful memory you know.

And yeah, sorry for my mistake.

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