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Into the Unknown

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Chapter One: Two Years Later

Chapter One: Two Years Later


Sleeping was one of my many activities.

Therefore being woken up by my rambunctious son was another one of my many activities.

Caspian was jumping on the bed next to me, holding his blanket and shrieking. I groggily turned my head to see that it was only 6am. He would certainly wake up Scarlett and Jane.

We were still living with Scarlett and her girlfriend, Jane. We had all pooled together our money and savings and got a slightly better apartment a few towns away from Scarlett and I’s hometown. It was two bedrooms, so I share with Caspian. He has his “big boy” bed across from mine, but I would usually wake up in the middle of the night with him in my bed, but for now that didn’t bother me.

I smirked and tackled him into my chest, hearing him laugh before calming him down, “Okay,” I whispered, “We need to be quiet for Aunt Scar and Aunt Jane.”

Caspian only answered by putting his finger over his lips and saying, “Shh.”

I nodded and smiled at him. He was beginning to lay on my chest, so I took the time to look at him. He was two years old now, and quite adorable. He had a mess of light, curly brown hair on the top of his head, like his dad. And he had dark brown eyes, so dark they were almost black - ones that neither I or Sailor had. My parents had blue eyes like me, so Caspian’s eyes must have come from Sailor’s parents. Right now he was wearing an orange sleep onesie and some pull ups. Along with this, he had one of his white pacifiers in his mouth, which he simply called Nuk-Nuk.

After cuddling for a few minutes, Caspian got up and started climbing off the bed. I turned and watched him, “Whatcha doin’?” I whispered.

“Breakfast.” He simply said, toddling over to the door, his blanket in his arms. He reached for the handle and I panicked,

“Okay, but let’s change you. And Mommy needs to put on warmer clothes.” I answered, getting up and grabbing my son. I brought him over to the floor after grabbing another pull up. I changed him and zipped up his onesie.

It was chilly so I changed out of my pajamas and into a sweatshirt with my work’s logo on it, and some sweatpants. Caspian looked up at me and handed me my glasses that he had been holding so preciously.

We walked to the door and I reminded him to be quiet before we made our way to the kitchen. It was about 6:30am at this point, and I knew to avoid a meltdown I needed to give Caspian a snack before his real breakfast. I usually just gave him some milk in a sippy cup.

“Thank you.” He said, taking his milk and toddling into the living room. We had most of his toys out here, and it was trashed. I would need to clean before work. Caspian brought over one of his cardboard books and sat in the kitchen with me. He spread it out in front of him and just slowly looked at all the pictures and little textures in it.

Meanwhile, I began breakfast. I started making scrambled eggs for everyone, along with prepping some fruit bowls for everyone. When I was almost done, Scarlett came in. She had her robe wrapped around herself and hummed happily at the food I was making.

Scarlett had long black hair that was currently very wavy from sleep, and her large brown eyes were behind her glasses. Like me she hadn't put her contacts in yet. She had a small nose and adorable lips. I had always been jealous of her looks.

As she passed me to the fridge she gave a playful pinch to my side, “Good morning.”

Caspian, thinking the greeting was for him adorably answered with, “Good morning.”

Scarlett laughed as she began getting juice for everyone, “Good morning to you too, Caspian.”

We set the table and as I put Caspian in his toddler seat that was attached to one of the chairs, Scarlett dragged Jane out of their room.

Jane looked exactly like Jane from Tarzan, so whenever we watch it Caspian screams, “It’s you!” The entire time.

We don't watch Tarzan much anymore.

Unlike the rest of us, Jane had pulled her hair up into a bun and was dressed for work. She worked at her dad’s accounting company. She had on small heels and a long black pencil skirt along with a white blouse and black sports jacket.

She didn't have any makeup on yet, or jewelry, so she probably wasn't leaving for another half hour.

“Good morning, Arabella, Caspian.”

“Good morning, Jane!” Caspian said, his mouth full.

I laughed as I responded, “Don’t talk with your mouth full, Cas, its rude.”

He ignored me as Scarlett laughed with me, “I don’t want to work today.”

As I ate I responded, “You could always stay and watch Cas, so I dont have to keep sending him to that stupid overpriced bs of a daycare.”

“Scarlett you work with Arabella, why is that bad?” Jane said, scarfing down her cantaloupe.

Scarlett whined, “Because I hate Bella.” She joked, using my nickname.

I giggled, wiping Caspian’s mouth, he was getting cantaloupe juice all over himself. Jane rolled her eyes at her girlfriend, collecting her dishes. My eyes went big, “That was fast, can I make you anything else?”

“No thanks Arabella, you’re a doll.” She went into the bathroom and I heard her clattering around for her makeup.

Scarlett burped loudly, making Caspian cackle just as loud. Scarlett was really close to Caspian. They were best friends. Scarlett and I have slightly different schedules at the cafe, so a lot of the times she was picking him up from daycare and giving him dinner. He sometimes preferred her bedtime stories over mine, which I was fine with.

Scarlett tells great stories.

“What shifts do you have at the cafe today?” Scarlett asked.

“End of the lunch hour all the way to closing, you?”

“The same,” Scarlett said, then she turned to Caspian, “That means that it will be terrible. Mommy is terrible.”

Caspian smiled and copied her in a sing song voice, “Mama is terrible!”

I gasped, “I am not!”

“Mommy is terrible, Mama is terrible!” They repeated over and over again.

I grabbed my now empty plate and smirked at Scarlett, “Good luck at getting him to stop."

When it was time for Scarlett and I to go to work, I began getting Caspian dressed. He was good at using regular underwear during the day, he had to be for daycare, and only sometimes had accidents.

Now we were arguing which shirt for him to wear. “Why don't you wear green? It goes with your shorts.”

“No! Lightning McQueen.” He crossed his arms like I was.

“Lightning McQueen is red, wouldn't you want to wear green?”

“No!” He screamed even louder, his face turning red. We would have a meltdown, so I finally obliged, giving him the Lightning McQueen shirt, only for him to throw it on the ground and start crying.

I crouched to his level, “Cas, you need to calm down.”

He threw himself on the ground dramatically and began screaming and crying, all while holding the shirt.

I lay down with him, and tried to talk nicely, “Caspian, what's wrong?”

He was still screaming, so his words mumbled together, “I wanna wear Lightning McQueen!”

“I gave you the shirt to wear.” I responded, watching him begin to calm down, “Whats wrong, why are you crying?”

In a soft voice he responded, “I don't know.”

“That's okay,” I pulled him close and helped him sit up before sitting up myself. I grabbed a wet wipe and began rubbing away his tears and snot, “It's okay to cry and be mad when you don't know why sometimes. Reach for the sky,” He put his hands up and I pulled the Lightning McQueen shirt over his head. He wasn't matching, but he looked happier, “I don't know why I didn't let you wear it, but do you like it?” He nodded. I smiled softly, “I’m sorry for not letting you wear it.”

He nodded again, picking up his blanket, “I’m sorry, Mama.” He hugged me.

I hugged him back before standing, “Thank you, Cas.” I picked him up and grabbed my purse. I walked out into the living room where Scarlett had Caspian’s lunchbox filled with snacks, and was on her phone. She had changed into some leggings and a purple long sleeved top with some matching converse. She pulled her hair back in prep for the work day.

When she saw us she smiled, “Everything okay?”

“Yeah. I think he needs his nap. Hopefully he’ll fall asleep in the car.” I responded, grabbing the keys.

Scarlett, Jane, and I all shared two cars. One was mostly Jane’s. When Scarlett or I went into work earlier, the other took public transport, then took the car home.

I put Caspian into his car seat, checking the time on my iPhone only to see we were late. As I buckled my seat belt I called Scarlett and I’s boss, Edwin.

“Hey Arabella.”

“Hi Edwin, I just wanted to call and let you know that Scar and I are going to be late. We need to drop my son off at daycare.”

“You can bring Caspian over here, you know I like the kid.” Edwin said.

“We don't have any of his books and stuff,” I responded, turning around in my seat to see my sleeping baby, “Well, he’s sleeping, if I can have your word that I can take him to daycare when he begins to get bored, then I’ll bring him over.”

Edwin laughed, “Yeah, for sure. See you in a bit.” He hung up and Scarlett turned around to work.

I came in and set Caspian up in a booth where I could see him from the till. Usually I’d work in making the small soups and pastries we had, but Scarlett was on that today.

Caspian slept for two whole hours, even Scarlett was astounded, as normally we were lucky if he slept an hour. And there was the bustle of the shop that could’ve woken him. As it was slow, Scarlett, Edwin, and I all leaned against the counter and watched my sleeping son on one of the booths.

“Do you think he’s sick, something with daycare?” Edwin asked.

Edwin had a really cool Mohawk that he dyed blue, it was Caspian’s favorite thing about him, and sometimes made me give him a Mohawk with the suds in the bathtub, "like Ed." Edwin had hazel eyes behind thick glasses. Today he was wearing some jeans and a shirt with the shop’s logo on it.

“I don't think so,” I responded, flicking my hair back. I hadn’t put it up because I was wearing a tank top and I didn't like my shoulders. It just got hot working up here, “When he got sick about a year ago he had trouble sleeping.”

“He was also one and a half and scared of monsters.” Scarlett said.

Suddenly we all jumped when the door of the shop slammed open and the bell rang harshly. That woke up Caspian, so he started crying. I didn't go help my child, because the people that walked in were my parents.

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