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Athenaeum Smith was a very very attractive and curvy Lady with this green eyes that could look into your soul. Smith had this disturbing past with guys especially her Ex-boyfriend, which made her to change her identity, including her Looks. Meet Lucifer Manchester, a very dark and handsome Devil. He was the head in the business world and also the Chairman of Manchester & Co. Just a snap of his fingers can make a whole business crumbling down. And a look from his doesn't fail to make all girls and women feel aroused. But that doesn't affect him because there is always a green eyed lady in his dreams. Always thinking about those eyes, to the point that it began to scare him.

Romance / Humor
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Mr. Smiths POV ( Athenaeum Father)

“Honey!” I called out to my wife as I was struggling to knot my tie in front of my long mirror in me and my wife’s room “Honey!, Honey!” I kept on calling to my wife but was replied with silence so I went downstair still with the tie undone, when I got downstairs I saw my seven year old daughter Athenaeum sitting on my big black couch thats centred in the middle of my living room that was recently upgraded Four years ago when we discovered my little Athena would be joining me and my wife Sienna. Before I started dating my Sienna we used to be best friends then before college we both contributed money to buy an apartment for both of us to use during college, the apartment consisted of a small living with a green sofa, a small flat screen TV screwed to my Green wall infront of the sofa then in the centre of the living room stood a small glass table with floral design, then there were two wooden tables on either side of the TV with a flower vase filled with flowers of course, then the kitchen is joined to the living room, then me and Sienna’s room, the apartment was Cozy. Then from there, I decided to finally ask her out because I couldn’t sit and watch my Long-time crush date other guys. From there I asked for her hand in marriage, then we got married and she became pregnant for Athenaeum which made us move to a bigger home very modern. The had upgraded to the latest flat screen TV, two black couch, One bigger the other smaller, a fancy wooden centre table with artificial rock in a flower crown-like bowl, and a white carpet to match my black walls. Then the kitchen is kinda luxurious with variety of natural and stained wood finishes, but before the kitchen is the dinning area, the table made of glass with black leather legs and black leather sits, then with four bedrooms, one for me and my wife, two guest room, then Athenaeum’s room. Then After college, me and my friend Dean decided to join hands and start a business together, in which has grown since we landed a deal with Manchester & Co Company, And now I am about to go for a meeting with the company, since Dean has to take his son Sean to the hospital for fever I have to go in replacement of him and I can’t find my wife to knot my Grey tie for me. “Athena baby, where is your mum?” I asked her as she looked up to me with her Bright forest Green eyes, When she looked up to me her straight ginger hair fell of to her back where it reached just the middle of her back, “She just left in hurry, she told me to tell you good luck with your meeting”, ′that means I can’t leave Athena all alone in the house” I thought to myself “Daddy let me help you knot your tie” Athena said, to say he wasn't astonished would be an understatement "Baby do you know how to knot a tie?"

"Yes daddy, I want to be a housewife like mummy so I learnt some things from her" Athena said then stood up and walked up to me pulling on the edge of my grey suit for me to crouch down in her front then she began to knot my tie.

"All done!"

I stood up to check the small mirror on the wall in the dinning room section and I was amazed at how neat and perfect the tie looked, "Awwww, thanks baby" I said to her and kissed her on her forehead "I would be taking you to my work place today Athena, since nobody is around to stay with you, Go put on some shoes", "Yayyyyyy!!!!" she shouted and ran upstairs to her room "Careful!" I shouted then I packed all the documents and files into my brief case then I went for my black shoes, I quickly gelled my hair to the back in my long mirror back in my room "Daddy you look handsome" Athena said as I stared at her from the mirror, she was standing at the door of my room "Thanks baby...Okay so lets start moving" I grabbed her hand and went out my front door to my garage not forgetting to grabbing my keys on the way and to lock the door, then I entered my SUV not before strapping my daughter at the back sit then I drove off.


When Felix got to the Manchester & Co company he came down from his car along with Athena, with his daughter by his side he walked up to the receptionist "Good morning Sir, you must be Mr. Smith?" the receptionist questioned " Yes, thats me", "Okay sir, just go to the elevator around that corner and press the 10th floor, the meeting holds in the only room up there" the receptionist replied "Okay, Thank you". With that information Felix grabbed Athena's hand and took her to the 10th floor and he saw a row of chairs just before the meeting room so he decided to drop Athena there for her to wait for him "Okay Athena baby, you would wait here for me to finish my meeting, Okay?" he asked and she nodded then she went and sat on the Chair, then Felix went into to the meeting.

Athenaeum was so concentration on her ballet shoes that she didn't notice a boy around her age sat beside and he was staring at her,

"Who are you?" he asked

"Athena" she said

"Why are you here! This sits are only for the Chairmans children and since I am the only child it's for me alone, now leave!" Athena just sat there staring at him "What's your name?" Athena asked "Lucifer Manchester" Lucifer didn't fail to notice how captivating her eyes were, he found himself almost drooling at them " dad says its good to share with me?" lucifer just scoffed and turned away but he wanted to continue staring at her.

Thankfully the meeting ended fast and Felix came out smiling widely which Athena noticed "Thank you so much for giving me this position Mr. Manchester, I won't fail you, I promise" Felix said while shaking Mr. Manchester "If I knew that you would fail me, do you think that I would have given you this position?" Mr. Manchester said with a smile "Ah thank you sir" Felix said to Mr. Manchester before both of them departed. Felix went to pick his daughter from the reception area and both of them left to his car parked outside the building and Drove off.

When Felix got home, he was immediately welcomed with the warmth of his wife as she hugged him then pulling away and picked up her daughter and pecked her on the cheek.

"How did the meeting go?"

"Where you giving the position?" Sienna asked Felix "It went well and right now you are looking at the CEO of Manchester & Co company" Felix said with Humor and pride in his voice. while all this interaction was going on Athena had already planted herself in front of the TV watching spongebob.

"Athena honey, Lets eat lunch" Sienna said as she and her husband went to dinning which Athena joined after "Mummmmmyyyyyy!" Athena whined "I said you should not set the table without me so me and you can do it!"

"Oh...sorry baby, Maybe next time" Sienna said to Athena laughing at her cute little angry face

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