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Athena wasn't a normal 18 year old. Athena had a very very curvy and kind of slender body. Before Athena turned 18, she used to wear baggy cloths to hide her curves until her friend Flora who was very confident with her very thin body and her average sized breast and and slim waist, spoke sense into Athena, she could never forget that day because that was the day the Athena's nightmare began
That day Athena invited flora to her home so they could both catch up on all their assignment. Athena was tired, because she had gym that day so she decided to take a hot steamy shower. So Athena took her towel and her matching black lace pant and Bra to the bathroom, she forgot to lock her bathroom door because Flora was in her room and she started undressing, after removing her her baggy shirt and sweat pant, she stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom.Wow, I am not that bad either, she thought to herself.
"Ena...what taking so lo..." Flora stood at the bathroom entrance staring at Athena's body. "Geez...there is something like knock in the dictionary"
"Shut it, its not like I am lesbian"
"But Athena...what the this what you have been hiding??!" Flora asked
"Well I won't say hiding...I am not used to showing off my body like the way you do confidently" Athena said with so much sadness in her voice
"Ohhhh...Ena baby, I am normally not jealous of other girls body but seeing yours makes me feel like below average, I am so jealous and also annoyed. Athena you are a very beautiful girl, guy would definitely refer to you as the perfect body. You are stunning!!
"Really?", "Yes, and from now on you would no longer wear baggy clothes! You hear me?!" Flora said "Okay okay, I get. Now leave so I can bath, I feel really sticky right now".
And since that day Athena wore more fitting clothes and some where kind of revealing a little bit. Athena's parents even approved her change of dressing. She recalled her parents reaction
"And behold, The new Athena!!!!" flora shouted which caught Athena's parents attention. When Athena got to the last step her parent gasped "Athena baby...its been awhile since I saw you dressed like a girl again. You look beautiful baby" Sienna said "Am so proud of you beauty my daughter" Felix said which made Athena to blush
And Athena actually thought that it was a good thing but she had grown to realise that her body only attracted bad luck. She thought her body would attract good guys, but she was very wrong. There were so many guys that dated her for her body but when she wouldn't give them what they wanted they would try to force her into giving in but thankfully she would always find a way to escape. Its either she says,
"Am coming, let me go and prepare my body for you, you know what I mean"
"Please let me use the restroom, I would be back"
Those where her two excuses, its only the first excuse that gives her goosebumps. And that was how her life style continued till she met Hades Coleman.
The first time Athena met met Hades was at one fancy italian restaurant on her birthday. She remembered vividly how much he was a gentle man to her.
"Mum, Dad, please I want to use the restroom, I would be back"
"Okay honey no problem" her mum replied. Then Athena stood up and went to the restroom, but before she could enter she bumped into a hard chest
"Oh my days! I am so sorry. I wasn't looking" the stranger said "It's okay, I wasn't looking too" Athena said but what the stranger said caught her off guard, "You are very beautiful" Athena just starred at him unconsciously for a whole minute before she regain consciousness and replied a small "thank you" and walk away but before she could take two steps the guy called her back
"Hey my name is Hades Coleman!" Hades said before grabbing her by the hand in which she yanked away immediately "Sorry...umm...Athena" she said
"Is it okay if I see you some other time?" He asked
"Yeah sure hades, bye" Athena said then she was about to enter the ladies room because she was already badly pressed by this point
"Wait up! "
Urghhhhh, Can this guy leave me alone. Athena thought "I can't see you again without your number" Athena did not have time to think about his offer because was pressed so she just gave him and she literally ran to the restroom not before hearing Hades chuckling behind her.
After their first encounter Hades asked her out on a date and she thought that Hades would be different from the other guys, so she accepted. But boyyyyyyy, she was so fucking wrong.
After like Five dates, Hades asked her to be his girlfriend to which she accepted. When Athena entered college, Hades suggested they would rent a apartment close to her college, so while he is working she was school.

One day, Hades finished from his work place early

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