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Scarlett believed that nobody could make her feel that cheesy movie cliche but she finds herself proven wrong when someone , a special someone enters her life and turns it upside down

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Babe Look At Me And Stop Self Sabotaging

They say love drives you nuts and it blinds your seems to be perfect vision . And I can't say whether I agree or disagree because in my life I haven't felt anything like love .There hasn't been anyone YET whom i can fall in love with and reveal my true self and traits . But somehow all of that is about to be changed , a special someone is about to invade my heart and I being the clueless dumbass I am have no idea how its all gonna happen .

"Scar" she screamed in her beaufiful perfect voice. "Be right there!" I shouted back . Then I glanced myself in the mirror for the last time making sure I look good enough wearing my peach colored dress and with my chocolate brown hair floating over my shoulder

I grabbed my black overcoat and walked down the stairs and saw her waiting there for me . She was standing with her legs crossed and her hands playing with her dark black hair wearing a cream colored dress with a black coat over it. "Hey Ali!" I said excitedly . "Hey" she replied back with no excitement and with a certain sadness in her voice . Something felt wrong because she is always cheerful and full of life but now she looks like that someone slapped her without any clue and she is just startled .

"What happend? "

"Nothing" she replies with no emotion in her voice

"Are you gonna tell me after the 10th time I ask you ?" . "Alright". "Umm just that Kevin and I broke up".

"Fuck , what?" These few words just shook me.

Allison and Kevin are (were, still processing) the real life movie cliche couple . But they were the closest thing I had seen in my life to what they say is "love". They might have been a cliche but they both were my best friends and the life of each other . Its ineffable how I feel but if this is my condition .. I can't belive what would have Kevin done until now .

He may put on a hard face but he is the most generous, sensitive person I know of. And when it comes to her , he can't even bear to be away from her even for a few hours .

Just the thought of them breaking up is the most devastating thing I have heard but yeah of course after the news of my parents getting a divorce. But now's not the time to think about all this. Its time to speak some actual words to your best friend . Duh ! Dumbass speak.

"What happened?" I asked after all these cluster of thoughts that had crossed my mind and I finally chose to say something.

She cried and said "He thinks I am not good enough for him. That I am not the one for him. After all this time Scar . I ... I am not the one for him then who is ? "

I had never seen her cry before so badly .. I tried to stop her from crying because I could not bear the thought of anyone hurting her not even that jackass of a best friend - Kevin. Why didn't tell me I am also his best friend.

After a lot of thought,

I said "babe, look at me and stop self sabotaging."

She didn't even listen to what I said .. She was so busy being hurt that she didn't care whatever happend around her or someone said to her .. I get it.

I could not see her like that so I did the next thing that came in my mind .

I grabbed her hand .

"Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see".

Hey guys This is the first time I have written anything ... Hope you guys find this interesting .. Lemme know what you guys think about it and please do not forget to comment and like this .. Thanks guys .. I have put my faith in you guys and hard work in this chapter .. So please again do tell how you felt after reading this..

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